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Come and spend an hour in a strange world of boxes and newspaper where a little Old Man is at the end of his tether.

* * * * * (5 stars)

Seemingly simple puppets come to life at the hands of five skilled performers who interact only with their puppet while the puppets interact with each other. The Old Man who is the focus of the show is handled by two dedicated puppeteers who act more like the compassionate carers of an elderly gentleman. The show takes us on an emotional journey as we experience the Old Man’s full range of emotions – no mean feat with a solid, painted head! It’s testament to the skill of the puppet builders, puppeteers, musicians and director that we empathise so strongly with a character we are beginning to see as real, despite being manhandled (puppethandled?) throughout by two humans making no attempts to manipulate him from a hidden position. Towards the end, as the Old Man began to interact with the audience, I had to remind myself that those brooding eyes could not see me, could not return the gaze that I felt so strongly.

Adults will be enchanted by the technical brilliance of the performance; children will love the banana skins and when the Old Man goes to the toilet!

Eilidh (age 9) says: “It’s about an old man who lives on a rubbish dump and it is hilarious! I highly recommend it and I hope you love it too. A great puppet experience.

Mairi (age 7) says: “Its clever how they make him walk. It was funny when he jumped on a banana peel.”

* * * * * (5 stars)

Street Dreams
The Underbelly Big Belly

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