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***** (5 stars)

The Noise Next Door are five young lads doing improvised musical comedy the way it should be done. There was no sense of the audience needing to warm up to the show, the laughs were coming thick and fast before bums were even on seats thanks to two puppets in the tech box making witty comments while two of the boys made beautiful music on the stage. The fifth member of the crew was out with a box of acetates and pens encouraging audience members in the queue to draw random scenes for use later in the show.

The speed at which the suggestions from the audience were incorporated into sketches and songs was impressive. Even when a joke took several attempts to formulate properly, there was a real sense of camaraderie as the audience respected the effort clearly being put into this fast-thinking, and willed the punchline to materialise on the tip of the performer’s tongue. These young men are remarkably talented and work incredibly well together. Ending a five-part improvised song by rhyming “taramasalata” is just one small example of their combined genius.

***** (5 stars)

The Noise Next Door
Their Finest Hour

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