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* * * * * (5 stars)

Two years ago, after eighteen years on the Fringe, Ian Kendall said he would never do this again. After his sell-out show (called “I said I would never do this again”) last year he’s back this year for two nights only with a new show entitled “Obsession”, as well as daily performing slots on the Royal Mile.

If you’ve seen Ian performing street magic on the Mile you may have felt a little scared but you would definitely have felt mystified, impressed and very entertained. His stage show is a step up from his outdoor performance, with much more chat and close-up magic that often fails to result in its deserved response as audience brains struggle to comprehend what they’ve just seen and forget what their arms are for. A quick repeat and a witty comment and the trick receives stunned and awed applause.

Ian’s shows are a combination of humour, encyclopaedic knowledge on a variety of geeky subjects and the most mind-blowingly amazing magic. He is also very tall.

If you want to see Ian this year you’ll need to try and catch him on the Royal Mile – his two-show run finished last night. But he will be back next year for his 21st anniversary on the Fringe.

* * * * * (5 stars)

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