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* * * * * (5 stars)

Momentum. Some comics struggle all their careers to find it and harness it for their material. If they can just the ball going, their career moving, then they’ll be happy. Tim Fitzhigham doesn’t have the ability to slowly build up the momentum either in his one hour show, The Gambler, or his whole run at the Fringe. He is the typical Aristotelian performer – he’s either “off” or “running at full speed.”

With an unexpectedly shortened run at the Fringe this year, Fitzhigham is making up on lost time with his high energy show looking first at famous gambles in history, and his subsequent attempt to replicate them. Even though there is one horse race, there’s nothing traditional about the bets here, and we’re not going to spoil the moments he reveals hat he’s actually up to, which happen throughout the show.

Fitzhigham (along with Edward Aczel) always strikes me as a Fringe specialist, thriving in the chaotic nature of the Fringe. At last night’s show there were a lot of “seen Tim before” who; come back, and Fitzhigham seeds in nods to his other shows, but at no point did newcomers feel they are missing out on a joke, as the experienced raconteur painted the back story in one broad, fast, hilarious sweep. That he could spend an hour on each of these asides is just part of the charm of this wonderful manĀ  – Edinburgh missed him when he was gone, don’t let this show go to waste in the last week of the Fringe.

* * * * * (5 stars)

Tim Fitzhigham
The Gambler

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