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4-3 victory over Mexico in the Homeless World Cup, and Tartan Army victorious.

That’s the simple phrase this Monday morning as the 2011 Homeless World Cup comes to a close, and of the 64 national teams that entered, Scotland have lifted the trophy.

Overcoming Romania (7-0) and Germany (15-2) in the opening games, they faced a nail biter with Poland in the quarter finals, finally winning 9-8. A Semi-final against Kenya (5-3) and the path to the final was open.

Mexico stood in the way of glory, but nothing would stop the boys in blue, and a push to victory

Oh and England? Lost 10-4 to Ireland, Lost 5-4 to Russia (but they did beat Lithuania 9-4).

More at, picture by Esme Deacon (Flickr)

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