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We’ve been reviewing a lot of products recently and from time to time we are going to be reviewing sites too, based on ease to use and the ability to get a bargain.

In the DD meetings we have we often talk tech, we are all crazy for it, however we all differ on our opinion of where to buy it.  While most supermarkets dabble in tech they fail to offer any real choice and value..we are left with just a handful of decent tech stores in the UK and today, we are looking at Curry’s.

Dave Mussons is a great photographer and is often posting his amazing snaps on the Dust, this gave us our lead, we all have camera’s on our phones, but what if we wanted a compact camera, how good would Curry’s be at selling the low end range of cameras.


Narrowing the search has been really well thought out and it is very easy to filter the search by budget, pixels and various options. It took a very short time to find a camera that fitted our criteria – which was a present for our nephew of just 8 years old.

Very quickly we found the spongebob camera and found some nice links to reviews.  The one thing missing was whether this camera had a memory card or not, but given the price, just £14.99, it probably wouldn’t break the bank if it did.

The whole process took just ten clicks from arrival to checkout, very very good, plus registering new account was simple.

So would we recommend Curry’s for electrical/digital purchases?  Absolutely with no hesitation, the search experience is very browser friendly and the site very clearly laid out.  We’d recommend you shop around though, because you never know what bargains you may find lurking at the bottom of the sea..  You can go grab your own spongebob or best compact camera in terms of price and quality on


We are happy to reward Curry’s with 8 Dusts out 10.



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