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┬áIt’s the most metal tour of the year so far, which naturally meant we headed to Birmingham to give our eardrums a bashing.

First up were Parisien fivepiece Admiral’s Arms, who are clearly having plenty of fun on their first UK run. They are full of energy with tight, punchy songs and by the time their bassist joins the crowd for the end of their last song, they’ve won themselves more than a few new Brummie friends.

Second on the bill, Canada’s Dead and Devine. Very much alive they also rip through their set with plenty of precise playing and chugging beatdowns. Much fun.

Third up, The Chariot. If you’ve not had the joy of seeing this lot play before just know this; they are IN-SANE. Guitars and limbs fly, band members spend as much time in the crowd as on stage and the drummer manages to carry on with the final song despite having his kit dismantled by his singer. Oh, and they’re brilliant musicians too. Fantastic stuff.

Then it was left to Norma Jean to bring it home and they do it some style, sounding as heavy as a rhino with a hangover. Their riffs are as big as monsters and they pack so much passion into both their songs and their performance that it is very difficult not to be drawn in. A fine end to a fine evening of metal – raise those horns and enjoy our pics!

Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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