The Daily Dust delivering the best bric a brac, daily news and events with a British flavour » Dave Musson Mon, 15 Sep 2014 09:05:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Live: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dizzee Rascal, The Wombats + Reverend and the Makers Mon, 25 Jun 2012 09:39:04 +0000 Dave Musson  When the Chili Peppers came to Knebworth for one of only two UK shows this year, we certainly weren’t going to miss it! Not only are the Peppers legendary, and a fine live band, it also gave us an excuse to take our annual trip to Knebworth, which hadn’t looked likely in 2012 after Sonisphere was cancelled. Anyway, we joined around 50,000 people for an evening of great live music.

Sheffield lot Reverend and the Makers got things going with a solid, but curtailed, set that seemed to go down well. Their singer did encourage the crowd to all buy the band’s new single on their phones before midnight to stop Justin Bieber getting to number one in the charts, but a crowd cheering approval is one thing…getting them to actually do it is another!

Scouse three piece the Wombats were next and again went down well with the large crowd. They pack a tonne of energy into their mix of upbeat indie chords, which is always a solid combination when it comes to warming up a big crowd.

Third on was what looked from the outside a slightly odd choice – Dizzee Rascal. But, credit to the MC, he nailed it and got the whole field moving. Dizzee dashed from stage left to stage right with an unending enthusiasm that rubbed off onto the crowd, so much so that set closer ‘Bonkerz’ was an undisputed triumph. Well done sir.

Finally, after a slight rain delay, it was down to the Chilis to round things off. This is a band that has a habit of putting on great shows in big fields and this one was no exception. The band sounded tight, fresh and looked like they are still having a blast. ‘Around the World’ and ‘Dani California’ smoked while the infectious licks of ‘Throw Away Your Television’ and ‘Can’t Stop’ were both highlights. With such a fine back catalogue to pick from, you are almost always guaranteed a top show from the Peppers, and couple that with fruitcake bassist Flea being given a mic then you have a winning formula.

Enjoy our pics of each act below – Reverend and the Makers 6 images, The Wombats 9 images, Dizzee Rascal 12 images, RHCP 21 images.

rhcp knebworth 014 rhcp knebworth 021 rhcp knebworth 022 rhcp knebworth 028 rhcp knebworth 052 rhcp knebworth 053 rhcp knebworth 065 rhcp knebworth 073 rhcp knebworth 079 rhcp knebworth 081 rhcp knebworth 086 rhcp knebworth 092 rhcp knebworth 094 rhcp knebworth 100 rhcp knebworth 101 rhcp knebworth 127 rhcp knebworth 131 rhcp knebworth 138 rhcp knebworth 146 rhcp knebworth 149 rhcp knebworth 150 rhcp knebworth 165 rhcp knebworth 172 rhcp knebworth 176 rhcp knebworth 183 rhcp knebworth 184 rhcp knebworth 185 rhcp knebworth 196 rhcp knebworth 198 rhcp knebworth 209 rhcp knebworth 212 rhcp knebworth 216 rhcp knebworth 227 rhcp knebworth 244 rhcp knebworth 259 rhcp knebworth 262 rhcp knebworth 264 rhcp knebworth 281 rhcp knebworth 284 rhcp knebworth 287 rhcp knebworth 296 rhcp knebworth 298 rhcp knebworth 304 rhcp knebworth 312 rhcp knebworth 319 rhcp knebworth 324 rhcp knebworth 326 rhcp knebworth 327 ]]> 0
Live: Blink 182 + All-American Rejects + Twin Atlantic Sun, 17 Jun 2012 17:15:20 +0000 Dave Musson  They’re the undisputed kings of pop-punk, so we weren’t going to miss the chance to catch Blink 182 when they came to town. In fact, they were actually due over here a year ago but, as they say, better late than never! With them were Twin Atlantic and the All-American Rejects, who both did a grand job warming things up. But it was Blink who brought the house down, with hit after hit throughout their set. Carry on down for snaps of all three bands.

blink review tdd 001 blink review tdd 002 blink review tdd 003 blink review tdd 004 blink review tdd 005 blink review tdd 006 blink review tdd 007 blink review tdd 008 blink review tdd 009 blink review tdd 010 blink review tdd 011 blink review tdd 012 blink review tdd 013 blink review tdd 014 blink review tdd 015 blink review tdd 016 blink review tdd 017 blink review tdd 018 blink review tdd 019 blink review tdd 020 blink review tdd 021 blink review tdd 022 blink review tdd 023 blink review tdd 024 blink review tdd 025 blink review tdd 026 blink review tdd 027 blink review tdd 028 blink review tdd 029 blink review tdd 030 blink review tdd 031 blink review tdd 032 blink review tdd 033 blink review tdd 034 blink review tdd 035 blink review tdd 036 blink review tdd 037 blink review tdd 038 blink review tdd 039 ]]> 0
Live: Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside, Miss May I Mon, 09 Apr 2012 17:24:58 +0000 Dave Musson We check out Aussie heavyweights Parkway Drive as they bring their headline tour to the Midlands.

Ever since seeing PWD live for the first time when they supported Bring Me the Horizon last year and then again at Sonisphere, we’ve been looking forward to this show – and we weren’t let down. A blindingly heavy set that had the whole room moving, plus two fine support acts in the shape of The Ghost Inside and Miss May I.

Enjoy our photos!

parkway drive 013 parkway drive 014 parkway drive 015 parkway drive 021 parkway drive 027 parkway drive 029 parkway drive 031 parkway drive 032 parkway drive 038 parkway drive 045 parkway drive 048 parkway drive 049 parkway drive 051 parkway drive 054 parkway drive 059 parkway drive 060 parkway drive 062 parkway drive 065 parkway drive 066 parkway drive 068 parkway drive 074 ]]> 0
Live: Joe Bonamassa Sat, 31 Mar 2012 22:27:38 +0000 Dave Musson We check out the king of the blues guitar, Mr Joe Bonamassa, as he rocks the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham.Bonamassa has been hot property in the guitar world for a few years now, and here on the Daily Dust we’ve already had experience of his genius seeing him both as a solo artist and as part of Black Country Communion. Tonight though, it was all about Joe, and he’s certainly no ordinary one. Making mind-bending playing look ridiculously easy and playing with a style that matches his sharp dressed image, he puts on a great show. Enjoy our pictures!


joe bonamassa 002 joe bonamassa 003 joe bonamassa 010 joe bonamassa 014 joe bonamassa 016 joe bonamassa 020 joe bonamassa 021 joe bonamassa 023 joe bonamassa 025 joe bonamassa 030 joe bonamassa 032 joe bonamassa 034 joe bonamassa 037 joe bonamassa 038 joe bonamassa 042 joe bonamassa 043 joe bonamassa 045 joe bonamassa 052 joe bonamassa 053 joe bonamassa 054 joe bonamassa 058 ]]> 0
The best of…The Chariot Sat, 17 Mar 2012 13:46:48 +0000 Dave Musson The Chariot are brilliant. Absolutely, bloody, insanely brilliant. We found this out last month when they came over to the UK with buddies Norma Jean. But, not only did we get the joy of seeing them play, frontman Josh Scrogin also kindly took time to chat to us. Find out what he had to say after the jump.

Best news you’ve had today?

That there was barbeque in the venue so we could have barbequed food – that’s really good news for a southern boy!

Best thing about touring the UK with Norma Jean?

Obviously we have a history with Norma Jean (Josh was there original signer), and we’re all friends. I’ve known them all since middle school so just being with them is the best. Being in the UK is just a bonus because the UK is always very nice to us and the shows are a blast. The whole scenario in general is just the best!

Best thing about being in The Chariot?

Being able to play our live shows every night, it’s very fun, exciting and fresh. We always switch things up, change things around, add songs, take songs away – we try to feel out every night so it’s not just ‘last night’s show’ or ‘tomorrow night’s show’, and that’s a blast. It’s also very therapeutic in a lot of ways, I feel like being able to do that every night helps me stay on the straight and narrow. Live shows are such a pleasant thing to be able to be part of every single night.

Best song your band has ever written?

I have a favourite, but I don’t know if it’s the best. My favourite song is probably ‘Then They Came to Kill’ on the Fiancée release and it featured Hayley Williams from Paramore – that was a bonus. It’s just a really fun song, it has a lot of parts and a lot of different things. However, live my favourite one to play is ‘The City’, which is the song where we really try and remove the barrier between us on stage and everyone watching. That song has a part in the end that pretty much demands crowd participation.

Best line/lyric you’ve ever written?

The one that means a lot to me is “calm rose”, which our guitarist just got tattooed on his knuckles. The line is “calm rose, heavy winds” but the imagery is of a crazy storm of life all around you and one single, solitary calm rose. It’s about taking baby steps to get out of whatever storm you’re in.

Best thing about your fellow band members?

Definitely that we’re all friends and that every night is different. When it all works it can be a very magical thing, but when it doesn’t it can be a real train wreck. When it is a wreck, the best part of being with these dudes is that you can just go with it.

Best show The Chariot has ever played?

That’s a tough one – we have a top three craziest shows, which, in our book are probably the best. We had one in Moscow and at the time it was by far the nuttiest we’ve ever played – the crowd participation was just immense. We also played Essen in Germany and somewhere in Italy, and those three are definitely the best of our career so far; they were awesome.

Best band The Chariot has ever toured with?

I’m a big fan of Converge – they keep putting out records that are phenomenal – and we did the Sounds of the Underground touring festival with them. They’re such a good band so I’ll give it to them!

Best show you’ve ever seen as a fan?

I saw Arcade Fire and, while I don’t know if it was the best I’ve seen of all time, it really opened my eyes because they’re such a huge band and I hadn’t seen a good arena rock show in ages. Man, it was a really powerful show and it opened my eyes to know that you can be an arena rock band and still have that passion and feel like you’re enjoying yourself. That was something I felt was missing from some of the other arena shows I used to see back in the day. I didn’t expect to be so blown away by how good it was.

Best band ever?

The Beatles – that’s easy.

Best album ever?

I probably have a top five. One of my favourites that I listen to so much and really rocked my world at the right time would be the Geisha record by the Smashing Pumpkins.

Best song ever?

‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon and Garfunkel, but I really like the Elvis version a lot. It’s just a quality, quality song.

Best movie ever?

That depends on my mood. I really enjoyed Moulin Rouge because there’s so many songs and so much going on. I also like documentaries and there’s one called Man on Wire that, as an artist, opened my eyes. It’s tough to call out one though, because sometimes I just want to watch Dumb and Dumber!

Best ice cream flavour?

I don’t like ice cream, so no ice cream would be the best!

Best pizza topping?


Best day of your life?

Well I’m married so I should probably say my wedding day! It was a very great day.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My dad always used to say, “if you’re going to do something, do it all the way.” That dealt with a lot of character and how people see you. My dad drilled that into my head my whole life, whether it was cleaning my room, starting a band, whatever. It’s a blessing and a curse – a blessing ultimately, but sometimes, before starting a project I realise I can’t corners or anything like that.

The Chariot, photographed for the Daily Dust by Dave Musson Photography

Make sure you check out our live coverage of their tour with Norma Jean. Also, The Chariot is playing this year’s Hevy Fest – this is a good thing!

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Live: The Answer & The Union Mon, 12 Mar 2012 21:48:45 +0000 Dave Musson When a co-headline run starring The Answer and The Union came to town, we certainly weren’t going to miss it, so we packed our camera and headed off to catch the rock show in Wolverhampton! Both bands went down a storm to the packed house and underlined that British rock is in fine health right now.


Enjoy our selection of snaps below!


Also, make sure you check out our interview with The Answer frontman, Cormac Neeson. You can find out what he had to say right here.

answer union 003 answer union 006 answer union 007 answer union 010 answer union 012 answer union 013 answer union 014 answer union 015 answer union 017 answer union 020 answer union 022 answer union 024 answer union 025 answer union 026 answer union 031 answer union 034 answer union 035 answer union 038 answer union 040 answer union 041 answer union 042 answer union 044 answer union 045 answer union 050 answer union 051 answer union 053 answer union 055 answer union 058 answer union 059 answer union 061 answer union 063 answer union 064 answer union 065 answer union 068 answer union 069 answer union 072 answer union 073 answer union 074 answer union 077 answer union 084 answer union 086 answer union 089 answer union 092 answer union 093 answer union 096 ]]> 0
Live: Band of Skulls and Broken Hands Sun, 04 Mar 2012 17:09:05 +0000 Dave Musson  Proving just how much noise three people can make, we watch Band of Skulls rock Wolverhampton.

The Skulls have just come off supporting the Black Keys on an arena run, so have certainly had plenty of chance to hone their live chops.

We also saw Broken Hands another British act flying the garage rock flag with plenty of aplomb. Enjoy our photos of both bands.



band of skulls 001 band of skulls 002 band of skulls 006 band of skulls 009 band of skulls 015 band of skulls 020 band of skulls 021 band of skulls 036 band of skulls 038 band of skulls 040 band of skulls 043 band of skulls 045 band of skulls 049 band of skulls 051 band of skulls 053 band of skulls 059 band of skulls 063 band of skulls 065 ]]> 0
Live: Norma Jean, The Chariot, Dead and Devine, Admiral’s Arms Sun, 04 Mar 2012 15:38:56 +0000 Dave Musson  It’s the most metal tour of the year so far, which naturally meant we headed to Birmingham to give our eardrums a bashing.

First up were Parisien fivepiece Admiral’s Arms, who are clearly having plenty of fun on their first UK run. They are full of energy with tight, punchy songs and by the time their bassist joins the crowd for the end of their last song, they’ve won themselves more than a few new Brummie friends.

Second on the bill, Canada’s Dead and Devine. Very much alive they also rip through their set with plenty of precise playing and chugging beatdowns. Much fun.

Third up, The Chariot. If you’ve not had the joy of seeing this lot play before just know this; they are IN-SANE. Guitars and limbs fly, band members spend as much time in the crowd as on stage and the drummer manages to carry on with the final song despite having his kit dismantled by his singer. Oh, and they’re brilliant musicians too. Fantastic stuff.

Then it was left to Norma Jean to bring it home and they do it some style, sounding as heavy as a rhino with a hangover. Their riffs are as big as monsters and they pack so much passion into both their songs and their performance that it is very difficult not to be drawn in. A fine end to a fine evening of metal – raise those horns and enjoy our pics!

norma jean tour 003 norma jean tour 008 norma jean tour 012 norma jean tour 014 norma jean tour 016 norma jean tour 020 norma jean tour 024 norma jean tour 026 norma jean tour 028 norma jean tour 031 norma jean tour 034 norma jean tour 038 norma jean tour 046 norma jean tour 050 norma jean tour 053 norma jean tour 059 norma jean tour 060 norma jean tour 061 norma jean tour 066 norma jean tour 067 norma jean tour 073 norma jean tour 074 norma jean tour 075 norma jean tour 078 norma jean tour 081 norma jean tour 083 norma jean tour 089 norma jean tour 091 norma jean tour 094 norma jean tour 095

Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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The best of…The Answer Sun, 04 Mar 2012 10:27:11 +0000 Dave Musson Ahead of their co-headline run around these shores with The Union that kicks off this week, we catch up with The Answer’s singer Cormac Neeson for a wee chat.

Best news you’ve had today?
Nikki Six from Motley Crue is a fan of the band and plays our music on his show…pretty cool!!!

Best thing about touring the UK with The Union?
Being able to hear those guys rock out every night.

Best thing about being in The Answer?
I don’t have to get a real job.

Best song your band has ever written?
Waste Your Tears

Best line or lyric in any of your songs?
“Belfast town won’t you bring me around like a street light swingers rope upon the ground”..not sure if its my best but I like it.

Best thing about your fellow band members?
Micky’s nice hair

Best gig The Answer has ever played?
Madison Square Garden with ACDC

Best band The Answer has ever toured with?
See previous answer

Best gig you’ve seen as a fan?
Pearl Jam, Dublin 1996 I think

Best band ever?

Best album ever?
Smashin Pumpkins “Siamese Dream”

Best song ever?
Thats impossible to answer but for the sake of the interview I’m gonna say “Ramble On” by Led Zep

Best movie ever?
Midnight Run

Best ice cream flavour?

Best pizza topping?
Hot Chilli

Best day of your life?
When Liverpool beat AC Milan in the Champions League Final.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Don’t let anyone make you afraid

We’ll be checking out The Answer and The Union playing together in Wolverhampton – be sure to come back to the Dust for some great photos from the show!

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Live: Rammstein Sun, 26 Feb 2012 14:52:21 +0000 Dave Musson German metal legends Rammstein are currently trekking these shores with their greatest hits tour and we were there to see it. We took our cameras to the show at the LG Arena in Birmingham and set about dodging fire and various other bits of pyro. It was quite a spectacle – as anyone who has seen this band live will expect – and we felt very lucky to be there. Hope you enjoy our photos.

rammstein 005 rammstein 007 rammstein 009 rammstein 011 rammstein 013 rammstein 014 rammstein 015 rammstein 016 rammstein 022 rammstein 026 rammstein 029 rammstein 031 rammstein 032 rammstein 035 rammstein 038 rammstein 039 rammstein 043 rammstein 046 rammstein 048 rammstein 049 rammstein 052 rammstein 056 rammstein 057 rammstein 059 rammstein 061 rammstein 064 rammstein 067 rammstein 069 rammstein 075 rammstein 085 rammstein 089 rammstein 091 rammstein 094 ]]> 0
Live: The Devil Wears Prada Sun, 12 Feb 2012 19:08:28 +0000 Dave Musson We kicked off our live music coverage for 2012 with rising metalcore heroes The Devil Wears Prada and their first headline run in the UK. The freezing temperatures outside did nothing to put off a host of Brummie metalheads packing out the Birmingham O2 Academy 2 to see how the Ohio six-piece would get on. The answer…superbly. TDWP pack a sizeable punch on stage and brought a great level of heaviness to things, particularly with cuts from latest album ‘Dead Throne’ and the terrific ‘Zombie’ EP. Enjoy our snaps!

TDWP 010 TDWP 011 TDWP 016 TDWP 017 TDWP 018 TDWP 021 TDWP 023 TDWP 024 TDWP 033 TDWP 039 TDWP 040 TDWP 042 TDWP 042_1 TDWP 051 TDWP 114 ]]> 0
Live: BRMB Live 2011 Wed, 30 Nov 2011 20:49:57 +0000 Dave Musson The LG Arena in Birmingham was turned into a perfect palace of pop last weekend as BRMB Live took over – to the delight of 15,000 screaming fans. The packed house was treated to sets from Pixie Lott, Emile Sande, Tinchy Stryder, Matt Cardle, Cher Lloyd, James Morrison, The Wanted and JLS, and we were there to photograph it all. Enjoy our snaps!

brmb_a_002 brmb_a_006 brmb_a_010 brmb_a_015 brmb_a_016 brmb_a_021 brmb_a_025 brmb_a_027 brmb_a_028 brmb_b_004 brmb_b_008 brmb_b_009 brmb_b_011 brmb_b_013 brmb_b_020 brmb_c_004 brmb_c_014 brmb_c_016 brmb_c_017 brmb_c_018 brmb_c_019 brmb_d_002 brmb_d_009 brmb_d_011 brmb_d_014 brmb_d_016 brmb_e_003 brmb_e_008 brmb_e_010 brmb_e_011 brmb_e_015 brmb_e_017 brmb_e_024 brmb_f_002 brmb_f_004 brmb_f_008 brmb_f_010 brmb_g_004 brmb_g_007 brmb_g_011 brmb_g_012 brmb_g_013 brmb_g_015 brmb_g_018 brmb_g_019 brmb_g_020 brmb_g_024 brmb_g_026 brmb_h_002 brmb_h_006 brmb_h_008 brmb_h_012 brmb_h_013 brmb_h_017 brmb_h_018 brmb_h_020 brmb_h_022 brmb_h_027 brmb_h_029 brmb_h_036 brmb_h_040 brmb_h_041 ]]> 0
Live: Red Hot Chili Peppers Sat, 26 Nov 2011 11:52:46 +0000 Dave Musson Red Hot Chili Peppers @ LG Arena, Birmingham, 20-11-11

The grand masters of funk, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, are back on the road in support of their newest album ‘I’m With You’ and the Dust was lucky enough to photograph their final night in the UK, as the Peppers rocked Birmingham. Enjoy our gallery!

rhcp 038 rhcp 040 rhcp 044 rhcp 046 rhcp 051 rhcp 055 rhcp 057 rhcp 058 rhcp 059 rhcp 061 rhcp 066 rhcp 073 rhcp 075 rhcp 077 rhcp 084 rhcp 091 rhcp 094 rhcp 105 rhcp 108 rhcp 112 rhcp 113 rhcp 118 rhcp 121 rhcp 122 rhcp 144 rhcp 148 rhcp 150 rhcp 161 rhcp 164 rhcp 172 rhcp 182 rhcp 184 rhcp 187 rhcp 196 rhcp 208 ]]> 0
Live: Judas Priest Wed, 27 Jul 2011 18:46:23 +0000 Dave Musson Judas Priest + Queensryche + Rival Sons @ Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 21-07-11

Retro-tinged rockers Rival Sons kick things off nice and early with a punchy set that does nothing but ensure they win themselves plenty of new fans. this lot could well be worth keeping an eye on.

judas priest 01
judas priest 02
judas priest 03
judas priest 04

Next up, Queensryche, whose theatrical posing, cutting guitar licks and sing-a-long choruses go down a treat with the Black Country crowd. If you want a lesson in how to play a hard rock set, watch this band.

judas priest 05
judas priest 06judas priest 07
judas priest 08
judas priest 09judas priest 10
judas priest 11
judas priest 12

And so onto Judas Priest and what is practically a home gig for the Black Country legends. This show would have been a treat anyway, but given the Home of Metal exhibition currently on show in these parts it feels extra special. Priest waste no time showing they’re still one of the ultimate metal bands – what’s fire and lasers if it’s not metal? – and songs like Rapid Fire, Painkiller, Hell Bent for Leather and Breaking the Law all still sound fantastic. New guitarist Richie Faulkner also looks to have settled in with ease. Raise your devil horns high; Judas Priest are still Metal Gods!

judas priest 13
judas priest 14judas priest 15
judas priest 16
judas priest 17judas priest 18
judas priest 19judas priest 20
judas priest 21
judas priest 22judas priest 23
judas priest 24
judas priest 25judas priest 26
judas priest 27
judas priest 28judas priest 29
judas priest 30judas priest 31
judas priest 32

Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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Sonisphere 2011: Rogues’ gallery Mon, 18 Jul 2011 16:05:13 +0000 Dave Musson **Get more of our Sonisphere coverage here**
Were you at Sonisphere? Were you wearing pink budgie smugglers and nothing else? Then come and see if our our camera spotted you!
sonisphere friday card a 001
sonisphere friday card a 154
sonisphere friday card a 193
sonisphere friday card c 001
sonisphere friday card c 002
sonisphere friday card c 009
sonisphere friday card c 011
sonisphere saturday card a 111
sonisphere saturday card a 123
sonisphere saturday card a 309
sonisphere saturday card a 337
sonisphere saturday card a 391sonisphere saturday card a 392
sonisphere saturday card a 444
sonisphere saturday card a 450
sonisphere saturday card a 451
sonisphere saturday card b 127
sonisphere sunday card a 058
sonisphere sunday card a 124
sonisphere sunday card a 127
sonisphere sunday card a 362
sonisphere sunday card a 363
sonisphere sunday card b 084
sonisphere sunday card b 147
sonisphere sunday card b 148
sonisphere sunday card b 153
sonisphere sunday card b 220
sonisphere sunday card b 221
sonisphere sunday card b 222
sonisphere sunday card b 224
sonisphere sunday card c 002
sonisphere sunday card c 003
sonisphere sunday card c 004
sonisphere sunday card c 005
sonisphere sunday card c 006
sonisphere sunday card c 007
See you next year!
Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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Sonisphere 2011: Apollo Stage, Sunday 10 July Thu, 14 Jul 2011 16:49:33 +0000 Dave Musson Main stage shenanigans from the final day of Sonisphere 2011.

**Get more of our Sonisphere coverage here**
The third day of a festival can sometimes take a while to get going, which is Volbeat are perfect to kick it off again – they even come on early because they want to play for longer. As much influenced by Johnny Cash and Elvis as by metal, they draw in the crowds and help shake off the Sunday morning blues.
sonisphere sunday card a 003
sonisphere sunday card a 007
sonisphere sunday card a 008sonisphere sunday card a 012
sonisphere sunday card a 018
sonisphere sunday card a 021sonisphere sunday card a 022
sonisphere sunday card a 023
sonisphere sunday card a 026
sonisphere sunday card a 036
sonisphere sunday card a 037
sonisphere sunday card a 041sonisphere sunday card a 042
sonisphere sunday card a 047sonisphere sunday card a 049
Next it’s Sweden’s Arch Enemy, who have come straight from Sonisphere in their homeland the night before. They bring with them shredding guitars, plenty of flashed devil horns and a fun show to watch, especially the still brilliant ‘Ravenous’.
sonisphere sunday card a 123
sonisphere sunday card a 129
sonisphere sunday card a 154
sonisphere sunday card a 159sonisphere sunday card a 160
sonisphere sunday card a 166
sonisphere sunday card a 171sonisphere sunday card a 191
sonisphere sunday card a 186
sonisphere sunday card a 195
sonisphere sunday card a 197sonisphere sunday card a 216
Third up and one of the highlights of the entire weekend, a set of pure brutality from Aussie mob Parkway Drive who underline their potential to be huge. Their massive beatdowns really get things going and the band just look like they are having a great time. Even having one of their guitarists play in a wheelchair because he recently broke his leg doesn’t take anything away from the show, which is nothing short of a triumph.
sonisphere sunday card a 250
sonisphere sunday card a 254sonisphere sunday card a 255
sonisphere sunday card a 256
sonisphere sunday card a 257sonisphere sunday card a 261
sonisphere sunday card a 287
sonisphere sunday card a 292
sonisphere sunday card a 294sonisphere sunday card a 295
sonisphere sunday card a 310
sonisphere sunday card a 320sonisphere sunday card a 321
sonisphere sunday card a 323
Triumphant can also be used to describe Mastodon’s set who, as always, delivered the goods and little bit more. Brilliant musicianship, brilliant facial hair, they play with fire, ice and heavy bloody metal and are greeted by increasingly boozy cheers. The perfect band for anything claiming to be metal – get them here every year!
sonisphere sunday card a 364
sonisphere sunday card a 367
sonisphere sunday card a 369sonisphere sunday card a 371
sonisphere sunday card a 373
sonisphere sunday card a 374sonisphere sunday card a 379
sonisphere sunday card a 382
sonisphere sunday card a 385
sonisphere sunday card a 387sonisphere sunday card a 391
sonisphere sunday card a 395
sonisphere sunday card a 406sonisphere sunday card a 410
sonisphere sunday card a 421
sonisphere sunday card a 428
sonisphere sunday card a 432sonisphere sunday card a 433
Next it’s Motorhead, who before launching into their set announce the sad news that their former guitarist Michael ‘Wurzel’ Burston died of a heart attack overnight. Lemmy dedicates the set to him before going about showing why his band are not going away anytime soon. Quite simply, Motorhead ARE metal.
sonisphere sunday card b 035
sonisphere sunday card b 031sonisphere sunday card b 032
sonisphere sunday card b 036
sonisphere sunday card b 037
sonisphere sunday card b 038
sonisphere sunday card b 039sonisphere sunday card b 040
sonisphere sunday card b 044
sonisphere sunday card b 050
sonisphere sunday card b 063
sonisphere sunday card b 066
sonisphere sunday card b 067sonisphere sunday card b 068
sonisphere sunday card b 078
It’s quite odd to have Limp Bizkit following someone like Motorhead, but credit to Fred Durst and co they know how to rock a festival crowd; by playing the songs people know. Just like at Reading last year, their set is a lot of fun, and songs like ‘My Generation’, ‘Take a Look Around’ and ‘Faith’ can still make a whole field of people bounce.
sonisphere sunday card b 153
sonisphere sunday card b 154
sonisphere sunday card b 156sonisphere sunday card b 157
sonisphere sunday card b 159
sonisphere sunday card b 160
sonisphere sunday card b 166
sonisphere sunday card b 170sonisphere sunday card b 171
sonisphere sunday card b 175
sonisphere sunday card b 176
sonisphere sunday card b 178
sonisphere sunday card b 180sonisphere sunday card b 183
sonisphere sunday card b 191sonisphere sunday card b 192
sonisphere sunday card b 197
sonisphere sunday card b 201
sonisphere sunday card b 206sonisphere sunday card b 210
sonisphere sunday card b 217
Closing the whole thing off, something truly special; Slipknot’s first UK show since the death of their bassist Paul Gray. As frontman Corey Taylor explains on stage, this set is a celebration, and the masked Iowans round Sonisphere off in fine style. Their whole set is fantastic, but real highlights include ‘Eyeless’, ‘Surfacing’ and a rousing ‘Duality’. All watched live on the internet by around 1 million people plus the vacant boiler suit and mask once worn by Gray, which hangs in front of the bass amp for the whole set. A magic end to a special weekend – bring on next year! (Please note we were unable to photograph Slipknot’s performance as only a very limited number of photographers were allowed in for their set).
Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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Sonisphere 2011: Saturn Stage, Sunday 10 July Thu, 14 Jul 2011 16:13:06 +0000 Dave Musson Bill Bailey headlining a metal festival? You bet! Come and see our last day of second stage coverage.

**Get more of our Sonisphere coverage here**
It’s deja vu to open the Saturn Stage for its final day, as Black Tide launch their set with a rousing cover of ‘Hit the Lights’. With great riffs and lightning fast guitar solos aplenty, it’s easy to see why this lot are tipped to do well.
sonisphere sunday card a 061
sonisphere sunday card a 065
sonisphere sunday card a 068sonisphere sunday card a 069
sonisphere sunday card a 070sonisphere sunday card a 078
sonisphere sunday card a 085sonisphere sunday card a 089
sonisphere sunday card a 093sonisphere sunday card a 104
sonisphere sunday card a 113
sonisphere sunday card a 117
sonisphere sunday card a 120
sonisphere sunday card a 122sonisphere sunday card a 123
Next up is the reformed House of Pain, of ‘Jump Around’ fame. Unfortunately their set is somewhat disappointing, taking too long to get going and never really catching fire properly.
sonisphere sunday card a 222
sonisphere sunday card a 223
sonisphere sunday card a 234
sonisphere sunday card a 237sonisphere sunday card a 238
sonisphere sunday card a 239
sonisphere sunday card a 241sonisphere sunday card a 242
sonisphere sunday card a 247
Shortly before In Flames’ set the whole festival site held a two minute silence in memory of Slipknot’s late bassist Paul Gray. His boiler suit and mask were put on the Saturn Stage, every video screen on site displayed a number 2 and everyone was silent. It was, in a word, stunning – matched only by the roar afterwards.
In Flames then came on and blitzed through their short set, going down superbly well with the refreshed crowd and serving up some real Sunday punch.
sonisphere sunday card a 324
sonisphere sunday card a 329
sonisphere sunday card a 331sonisphere sunday card a 333
sonisphere sunday card a 338
sonisphere sunday card a 341
sonisphere sunday card a 343sonisphere sunday card a 344
sonisphere sunday card a 345
sonisphere sunday card a 346sonisphere sunday card a 347
sonisphere sunday card a 351
sonisphere sunday card a 361
As the afternoon drew on, the Saturn Stage got a real treat, a frantic set from Aussie rockers Airbourne. You can always rely on this fourpiece to be one of the highlights wherever they play and Sonisphere was no exception. Nice one mate!
sonisphere sunday card a 440
sonisphere sunday card a 441
sonisphere sunday card a 446
sonisphere sunday card a 460
sonisphere sunday card a 463
sonisphere sunday card a 464
sonisphere sunday card a 468sonisphere sunday card a 469
sonisphere sunday card a 471
sonisphere sunday card a 474sonisphere sunday card a 485
sonisphere sunday card a 492
sonisphere sunday card a 497
sonisphere sunday card b 005
sonisphere sunday card b 009sonisphere sunday card b 015
sonisphere sunday card b 018
sonisphere sunday card b 023
sonisphere sunday card b 027sonisphere sunday card b 028
The final full band performance on Saturn for the weekend came from prog metal legends Opeth, who ebbed and flowed through their hourlong slot moving from crushingly heavy to wonderfully light with ease. Accomplished musicianship and interesting songs, they are, quite simply, brilliant.
sonisphere sunday card b 085
sonisphere sunday card b 086
sonisphere sunday card b 087
sonisphere sunday card b 089sonisphere sunday card b 093
sonisphere sunday card b 094sonisphere sunday card b 100
sonisphere sunday card b 101sonisphere sunday card b 109
sonisphere sunday card b 111
sonisphere sunday card b 117
sonisphere sunday card b 119sonisphere sunday card b 129
sonisphere sunday card b 133
sonisphere sunday card b 139
Finally, rounding things off on this stage for the weekend was another treat – a massive outdoor set by comedian Bill Bailey, who emerged from a stack of Marshall amps wearing a mask of his own face (perhaps as an homage to Slipknot). He and his band romped through a set of his funniest songs, while his reference to the two ‘vortexes of moshing’ that Mastodon had induced earlier in the day went down a treat. Despite the rain, people stayed to watch and show that even metalheads know how to laugh. More comedy next year please!
sonisphere sunday card b 227
sonisphere sunday card b 230sonisphere sunday card b 231
sonisphere sunday card b 233
sonisphere sunday card b 237sonisphere sunday card b 238
sonisphere sunday card b 241
sonisphere sunday card b 249
sonisphere sunday card b 260sonisphere sunday card b 261
sonisphere sunday card b 263
sonisphere sunday card b 267
sonisphere sunday card b 283
sonisphere sunday card b 288sonisphere sunday card b 295
Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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Sonisphere 2011: Apollo Stage, Saturday 9 July Thu, 14 Jul 2011 12:06:16 +0000 Dave Musson Day two of Sonisphere 2011 and some more excellent main stage action – headlined by the mighty Biffy Clyro.

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They may have had an early start, but Reading fourpiece Sylosis don’t look bothered, and launch straight into some pounding metal to wake people up and help shake any hangovers. Showing no signs of being daunted by the jump from third stage to main stage in just one year, they get the job done with venom.
sonisphere saturday card a 001
sonisphere saturday card a 007
sonisphere saturday card a 015sonisphere saturday card a 016
sonisphere saturday card a 018
sonisphere saturday card a 024
sonisphere saturday card a 035sonisphere saturday card a 039
Second on the bill and another example of fine British metal – Architects. They’ve had a solid year and this set topped it off, with packs of energy and plenty of people flying over the top and into the arms of the waiting security guards.
sonisphere saturday card a 064sonisphere saturday card a 070
sonisphere saturday card a 073
sonisphere saturday card a 074
sonisphere saturday card a 077sonisphere saturday card a 079
sonisphere saturday card a 080
sonisphere saturday card a 086sonisphere saturday card a 087
sonisphere saturday card a 102
sonisphere saturday card a 117sonisphere saturday card a 118
sonisphere saturday card a 121
More metal next from the reunited thrashing Brazilian brothers in Cavalera Conspiracy. Max and Iggor have been back on it for a couple of years now and their new material goes down fairly well, but it’s when they bring out the Sepultura classics of ‘Territory’ and ‘Roots’ that ensures everyone enjoys their set.
sonisphere saturday card a 166
sonisphere saturday card a 168
sonisphere saturday card a 170sonisphere saturday card a 172
sonisphere saturday card a 176
sonisphere saturday card a 186
sonisphere saturday card a 193
sonisphere saturday card a 194sonisphere saturday card a 195
sonisphere saturday card a 201
sonisphere saturday card a 211sonisphere saturday card a 219
Mid afternoon, time for some legends in the form of punk legends Bad Religion. Despite the oncoming rain rain, the Californian punks give it plenty of energy, plenty of guts and plenty of bounce.
sonisphere saturday card a 273
sonisphere saturday card a 279
sonisphere saturday card a 286sonisphere saturday card a 289
sonisphere saturday card a 298
sonisphere saturday card a 301sonisphere saturday card a 302
sonisphere saturday card a 304sonisphere saturday card a 308
You Me At Six are up next, in what is almost a hometown gig for them. The screaming girls as the front don’t seem to care about the rain and instead enjoy some pop-tinged metal full of hooky choruses. Not everyone’s cup of tea but they give it a solid shot.
sonisphere saturday card a 347
sonisphere saturday card a 348
sonisphere saturday card a 350sonisphere saturday card a 351
sonisphere saturday card a 356
sonisphere saturday card a 364sonisphere saturday card a 370
sonisphere saturday card a 382
sonisphere saturday card a 390
The rain clears in time for an hour of Weezer, whose pop punk melodies get in your head and stay there. They’re always a great festival band and today is no exception as they deliver a fine set.
sonisphere saturday card b 003
sonisphere saturday card b 005
sonisphere saturday card b 011
sonisphere saturday card b 014sonisphere saturday card b 015
sonisphere saturday card b 017
sonisphere saturday card b 019
sonisphere saturday card b 021sonisphere saturday card b 022
sonisphere saturday card b 024
sonisphere saturday card b 028sonisphere saturday card b 032
sonisphere saturday card b 037
sonisphere saturday card b 038
sonisphere saturday card b 039sonisphere saturday card b 041
sonisphere saturday card b 043sonisphere saturday card b 044
sonisphere saturday card b 046
sonisphere saturday card b 051
Finishing things off, the first UK headline festival slot from Biffy Clyro. Somewhat bravely done, Biffy refuse to just hamer through their heavier tunes and instead make it their own show. That means the Hertfordshire countryside is soon filled with massive choruses and jagged riffs. It may not have been as metal as last night, but it was still a treat.
sonisphere saturday card b 136
sonisphere saturday card b 138sonisphere saturday card b 139
sonisphere saturday card b 142
sonisphere saturday card b 143
sonisphere saturday card b 147
sonisphere saturday card b 151sonisphere saturday card b 152
sonisphere saturday card b 155sonisphere saturday card b 156
sonisphere saturday card b 157
sonisphere saturday card b 158
sonisphere saturday card b 170
sonisphere saturday card b 176
sonisphere saturday card b 181sonisphere saturday card b 182
Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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Sonisphere 2011: Saturn Stage, Saturday 9 July Thu, 14 Jul 2011 11:19:50 +0000 Dave Musson The second stage of Sonisphere 2011 opens for business.

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Having had the first day off, the Saturn Stage finally opens with a rare UK show from Richard Cheese and his band Lounge Against the Machine. Mr Cheese plays lounge jazz covers of metal songs and is something of a cult hero. He also ensures everyone hears the most interesting cover of Slipknot’s ‘People=Shit’ ever conceived.
sonisphere saturday card a 047
sonisphere saturday card a 052
sonisphere saturday card a 056
sonisphere saturday card a 061
sonisphere saturday card a 062sonisphere saturday card a 063
Next up Gallows and a final UK festival showing with frontman Frank Carter, who today announced his forthcoming departure from the Watford punks. It’s a shock move but they still blitz through their set with raw vocals and guitars swinging about all over the place.
sonisphere saturday card a 126sonisphere saturday card a 127
sonisphere saturday card a 128
sonisphere saturday card a 129sonisphere saturday card a 130
sonisphere saturday card a 134
sonisphere saturday card a 143
sonisphere saturday card a 147sonisphere saturday card a 149
sonisphere saturday card a 163
Welsh chart botherers Kids in Glass Houses are next just as the rain starts to fall. Their style was not to this reviewer’s liking at all, but they seem to go down well with those gathered in front of the stage, so fair play to them…even if their choice of coats was somewhat questionable.
sonisphere saturday card a 227
sonisphere saturday card a 231
sonisphere saturday card a 241
sonisphere saturday card a 246sonisphere saturday card a 248
sonisphere saturday card a 249
sonisphere saturday card a 253
sonisphere saturday card a 255sonisphere saturday card a 262
sonisphere saturday card a 265
Sum 41 are up next and they still look like they’re having as much fun as they did when they burst onto the scene about a decade ago. Their melodies are still the perfect blend of bounce and catchiness, and they even convince the sun to come out again. A cracking cover of Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ also ensures a few extra devil horns are raised.
sonisphere saturday card a 310
sonisphere saturday card a 311sonisphere saturday card a 312
sonisphere saturday card a 313
sonisphere saturday card a 321sonisphere saturday card a 322
sonisphere saturday card a 336
sonisphere saturday card a 338
sonisphere saturday card a 342sonisphere saturday card a 343
sonisphere saturday card a 344
Next up, the very first band we reviewed on this website, All Time Low, who seem to have summoned a load of screaming teenage girls from nowhere. If you’ve seen Blink 182 play live then ATL’s brand of stage banter is nothing new, but they go down a treat and are entertaining if nothing else.
sonisphere saturday card a 392
sonisphere saturday card a 397sonisphere saturday card a 398
sonisphere saturday card a 403
sonisphere saturday card a 405
sonisphere saturday card a 407sonisphere saturday card a 411
sonisphere saturday card a 419
sonisphere saturday card a 428sonisphere saturday card a 429
sonisphere saturday card a 433
sonisphere saturday card a 436
sonisphere saturday card a 445
sonisphere saturday card a 447sonisphere saturday card a 448
Closing this stage today, a rare festival showing from the Mars Volta, whose live showing can be filed under B for ‘bonkers’. It’s mainly their singer who is the fruitcake as he darts around the stage, whirling the mic, grabbing metal barriers and throwing them off stage and even climbing under the stage himself. It’s quite a sight and a fun way to spend an hour in the evening sunshine.
sonisphere saturday card b 057
sonisphere saturday card b 060sonisphere saturday card b 064
sonisphere saturday card b 068
sonisphere saturday card b 071
sonisphere saturday card b 090
sonisphere saturday card b 098
sonisphere saturday card b 111
sonisphere saturday card b 113
sonisphere saturday card b 114sonisphere saturday card b 115
sonisphere saturday card b 117
sonisphere saturday card b 123
sonisphere saturday card b 81sonisphere saturday card b 080
Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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Sonisphere 2011: Apollo Stage, Friday 8 July Wed, 13 Jul 2011 11:36:27 +0000 Dave Musson The Big Four are here – time to rock!

**Get more of our Sonisphere coverage here**
When you kick off a weekend of top-notch music, you want something special to really get things going and Sonisphere 2011 had the perfect idea; get the Big Four of thrash to play together in the UK for the first time.
Before all that though, opening the day up were arguably one of the biggest reasons that any of the Big Four exist; Diamond Head. Packing a trunk full of great riffs into their half-hour slot, Brian Tatler and co do just the job and get the festival off with a bang.
sonisphere friday card 01
sonisphere friday card 02sonisphere friday card 03
sonisphere friday card 04
sonisphere friday card 05sonisphere friday card 06
sonisphere friday card 07
sonisphere friday card 08sonisphere friday card 09
sonisphere friday card 10
sonisphere friday card 11sonisphere friday card 12
And so onto the first of the Big Four, the excellent Anthrax. Right from the start of ‘Caught in a Mosh’ they have the whole field eating out of their hands and show why they’re one of the best live bands around, while also proving their songs are just as good as any of their peers.
sonisphere friday card 13
sonisphere friday card 14
sonisphere friday card 15sonisphere friday card 16
sonisphere friday card 17
sonisphere friday card 18sonisphere friday card 19
sonisphere friday card 20
sonisphere friday card 21sonisphere friday card 22
sonisphere friday card 23
Up next, the mighty Megadeth. While the sound seemed ropey at times for Dave Mustaine and his gang, they still blitzed through an hour of thrash metal hits. Songs like ‘Sweating Bullets’ and ‘Wake Up Dead’ still sound incredible even after all these years, while a performance of brand new number ‘Public Enemy Number 1′ from forthcoming album Th1rt3en looks like a sign of more greatness to come.
sonisphere friday card 24
sonisphere friday card 25
sonisphere friday card 26sonisphere friday card 27
sonisphere friday card 28
sonisphere friday card 29sonisphere friday card 30
sonisphere friday card 31
sonisphere friday card 32sonisphere friday card 33
sonisphere friday card 34
sonisphere friday card 35sonisphere friday card 36
Number three of the four and a brooding atmosphere has taken over Knebworth – it must be time for Slayer. Still fast, still loud and still evil…Slayer underline why they will be relevant for as long as metal is heavy, particularly with a blistering run through ‘Raining Blood’.
sonisphere friday card 37
sonisphere friday card 38sonisphere friday card 39
sonisphere friday card 40
sonisphere friday card 41sonisphere friday card 42
sonisphere friday card 43
sonisphere friday card 44sonisphere friday card 45
sonisphere friday card 46
sonisphere friday card 47
Onto the headliners and the biggest of the Big Four – Metallica. When you can open your set with ‘Hit the Lights’ straight into ‘Master of Puppets’, you know you’re in for a great show. Hetfield, Hammett, Ulrich and Trullijo crash through two hours of their finest work, with highlights including ‘Blackened’, ‘Sad But True’ and the evergreen ‘Enter Sandman’.
But then the real treat came in the encore, the apearance of the Big Four Band. In case you were unsure, that’s everyone from the Big Four bands on stage together, joined just for tonight by Brian Tatler to play Diamond Head’s ‘Am I Evil?’. It’s a special moment, an ‘I was there’ moment, and topped off a brilliant start to Sonisphere 2011.
sonisphere friday card 48
sonisphere friday card 49
sonisphere friday card 50sonisphere friday card 51
sonisphere friday card 52
sonisphere friday card 53sonisphere friday card 54
sonisphere friday card 55
sonisphere friday card 56sonisphere friday card 57
sonisphere friday card 58
sonisphere friday card 59sonisphere friday card 60
sonisphere friday card 61
sonisphere friday card 62sonisphere friday card 63
sonisphere friday card 64
sonisphere friday card 65sonisphere friday card 66
sonisphere friday card 67
sonisphere friday card 68sonisphere friday card 69
sonisphere friday card 70
sonisphere friday card 71sonisphere friday card 72
sonisphere friday card 73
sonisphere friday card 74
sonisphere friday card 75
Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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Live: Foo Fighters Sun, 03 Jul 2011 16:50:37 +0000 Dave Musson Foo Fighters + Biffy Clyro + Death Cab For Cutie @ Milton Keynes Bowl, 02-07-11

Death Cab For Cutie seem very unflustered about the sheer number of people watching them, something reflected in their rather laidback sound and stage presence. Sounding a bit like Placebo – but not as good – they get people interested but little else.

foo fighters 01
foo fighters 02foo fighters 03
foo fighters 04
foo fighters 05foo fighters 06
foo fighters 07

Next up is Biffy Clyro, who have had an amazing couple of years. However, with this show coming exactly one week before their first festival headlining slot at Sonisphere, you can’t help but feel this week is mega for them…not that they show any nerves as they launch into ‘The Captain’ and get the bowl rocking with some pounding, heavy riffs. Their hourlong set is nothing short of a triumph, and Sonisphere should be rather special.

foo fighters 08
foo fighters 09foo fighters 10
foo fighters 11
foo fighters 12foo fighters 13
foo fighters 14
foo fighters 15foo fighters 16
foo fighters 17
foo fighters 18foo fighters 19
foo fighters 20

And so onto the Foo Fighters, quite probably the best rock band in the world at the moment and riding high off the back of their superb album ‘Wasting Light’. They open with the same opening pair as on their album, and it proves the perfect start to a thrilling two and half hours of rock. Hit follows hit with the whole crowd singing along – there are too many to just list but without doubt highlights include ‘Learn to Fly’, ‘Monkey Wrench’ and ‘Best of You’ – but in truth, there is not a dud number in this excellent setlist.
As if the prospect of a lesson in playing a rock show wasn’t enough, the Fighters made it extra special with some special guests joining them on stage. The addition of Bob Mould to play the song he guested on from Wasting Light – the wonderful ‘Dear Rosemary’ – was great, if not earth shatteringly exciting, but Queen drummer Roger Taylor coming on to play ‘Cold Day in the Sun’ was rather good. The real treat, however, came during the encore, with Alice Cooper coming on to lead the Foos through ‘School’s Out’ and ’18′, which tipped the gig from excellent to legendary.
All this before Grohl led his troops into closing number ‘Everlong’, and epic song that has not aged a bit. Cue bouncing, singing and fireworks to finish…if you were there too, this will be a show you talk about for many years to come!

foo fighters 21
foo fighters 22foo fighters 23
foo fighters 24
foo fighters 25foo fighters 26
foo fighters 27
foo fighters 28foo fighters 29
foo fighters 30
foo fighters 31foo fighters 32
foo fighters 33
foo fighters 34foo fighters 35
foo fighters 36
foo fighters 37foo fighters 38
foo fighters 39
foo fighters 40foo fighters 41
foo fighters 42
foo fighters 43foo fighters 44
foo fighters 45

Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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Ten reasons to be excited about Sonisphere 2011 Fri, 01 Jul 2011 12:45:12 +0000 Dave Musson This time next week, we’ll be in a field in Hertfordshire watching the Big Four of thrash metal play on the same bill for the first time in the UK – this can only mean that it’s almost time for Sonisphere 2011! To help get you in the mood, here’s 10 reasons why this year’s shindig in Knebworth is going to be one hell of a good weekend.
10 – Last year was awesome!
We covered Sonisphere last yearand had a blast, with highlights including the flash, bang, German whallop of Rammstein, the swagger of sleaze of Motley Crue and the galloping guitar riffs of Iron Maiden. The 2011 vintage has arguably an even better lineup and, with this brilliant festival growing in stature now it enters its third year, it’s going to be even better this time around.
9 – No stage clashes
Festivals are great because there’s always loads of bands you’ll want to watch. However, this can also be bad as it inevitably means you have to miss some or all of one band’s set to see another…not at Sonisphere! There are no clashes between bands on the top two stages, which you can check out the full sets of just about all the big name acts playing, and you don’t have to walk miles to do so either – marvellous!
8 – So much choice
137 acts spread over five stages, with something going on from 11am right through to 3am….in short – PARTY!
7 – Jump around
It’s worth picking out some of the acts worth watching, and House of Pain stick out straight away. Who cares if you only know one song? When that song is ‘Jump Around’ you know yuo’re going to have fun!
6 – The return of Slipknot
The main stage headline slot on the Sunday of this year’s festival will be Slipknot’s first UK performance since the tragic passing of their bassist Paul Gray. The set is a celebration of Gray’s life and a chance for Slipknot to show everyone why they are still a force to be reckoned with, and if the setlists from their Sonisphere slots on mainland Europe are anything to go by, it’s going to be a set to remember!
5 – Remembering a fallen hero
While we’re on the subject of Slipknot, it’s worth highlighting the fact that there will be a two minute silence in memory of of the late Paul Gray. The two minutes for Slipknot’s number 2 will be at 2pm on the Sunday, while there will also be a book of remembrance in the signing tent all weekend, that will then be presented to the band at the close of the festival. Gone, but never forgotten.
4 – ‘Mon the Biffy!
Biffy Clyro have gone mega in the last year or so, something underlined by the fact that on the Saturday night of Sonisphere they will play their first headline slot at a festival. They’ve already proved themselves to be a stunning live band, so seeing them do it in front of so many will be quite the treat.
3 – Comedy goes large
Headlining the second stage on the Sunday night is none other than the legendary Bill Bailey, playing what will be his biggest ever show and also one of the biggest outdoor comedy slots ever. Effectively acting as direct support to Slipknot, it should be many barrels of laughs.
2 – The.Big.Four!
As if all this wasn’t enough, perhaps the most exciting thing about Sonisphere this year is the first ever UK performance of thrash metal’s Big Four – Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax – all on the same bill. They did it in Europe last summer and broadcast one of the shows in cinemas across the world. It was immense. This year, you just know, will be even better. Wow, wow and wow again!
1 – The Daily Dust will be there
Best thing of all, we’re going to be there again this year to cover all the big bands and all the highlights from the festival. Be sure to check back here once you’ve got home, had some sleep and had a shower and check out all our coverage.
See you there!
Get more information on the Sonisphere website

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Live: Bon Jovi Sat, 25 Jun 2011 11:15:13 +0000 Dave Musson Bon Jovi @ Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester, 24-06-11

Ahead of them checking in to the capital to headline Hyde Park Calling, Bon Jovi stopped off in Manchester to play Old Trafford cricket ground, as part of their current world tour. The rain didn’t seem to bother any of the packed crowd, who were even happpier to see the band take the stage early, rather than have to stand around getting wet for nothing. We were there to photograph the show and it was a pleasure – enjoy our shots!

bon jovi 01
bon jovi 02
bon jovi 03bon jovi 04
bon jovi 05
bon jovi 06
bon jovi 07bon jovi 08
bon jovi 09
bon jovi 10bon jovi 11
bon jovi 12
bon jovi 13bon jovi 14
bon jovi 15
bon jovi 16bon jovi 17
bon jovi 18
bon jovi 19bon jovi 20
bon jovi 21

Photography: Dave Musson Photography

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Live: Trivium Mon, 20 Jun 2011 18:13:41 +0000 Dave Musson Trivium @ Birmingham Asylum, 19-06-11

Ahead of the release of new album In Waves, Trivium have been over here doing interviews, photo shoots and other random press activity. To round it all off, they had the genius idea of playing in a tiny club in Birmingham for 250 of their fans – wow!

Within seconds of coming on stage, the Asylum was sweaty and loud, and the band were all smiles. Even a broken bass pedal couldn’t hold them back, they just picked up again mid song.

There was a bonus of being able to get a sample of some new material, ‘Black’ in particular sounding like they have toned down their showmanship playing to something similar to that style on Ascendancy. Needless to say, the new stuff went down a storm.

What was most special though, was the intimate, relaxed feel of the show; as frontman Matt Heafy kept saying, this gig wasn’t choreographed, guitars fell out of down, there was no pyro, no backdrop, no special lighting, no wireless guitars – just an awesome metal band playing in a little room in Birmingham – the only downside was that it was so intimate, there wasn’t any room for even a small photo pit, so despite having photo accreditation, we had to shoot from the crowd.

Definitely an ‘I was there’ moment, this show suggests Trivium are back on top form – wonderful news ahead of their return to play ‘proper’ gigs at the end of the year. Raise your horns in triumph!

trivium 01
trivium 02
trivium 03
trivium 04trivium 05
trivium 06
trivium 07
trivium 08
trivium 09

Photography: Dave Musson Photography

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Live: Whitesnake Fri, 17 Jun 2011 19:50:13 +0000 Dave Musson Whitesnake + The Union @ Wolverhampton Civic Hall, 16-06-11

The fact that Whitesnake can still sell out a venue such as the Civic Hall is testament to the fact that they, simply, still agreat band. And with a frontman like David Coverdale calling the shots you’re always in for some rock!

Support came from ‘Dust favourites The Union, who once again combined sublime songwriting with powerful, precise playing to give a top show and a fine account of themselves. With album number two imminent, surely these guys are on the verge of becoming much bigger!

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Then it was down to the Snake to bring it home. The aforementioned Mr Coverdale still has the look of a rock god, still swings a mic stand like a rock god, still winks at the ladies like a rock god and still has a decent voice. The band look like they’re having a ball on stage and it’s reflected in a fun show with some great rock playing. The guitar and drum solo section was stupidly long, but this band still show those upstarts how to play a great show, and they’re bound to sell out again on their next run.

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Photography: Dave Musson Photography

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