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Marmite Monument Unveiled in Burton

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Marmite gave the ultimate “love it or hate it” product to the world, and now it’s given a £15,000 stone monument of the smelly spread to the good people of Burton-on-Trent.

Dubbed “Monumite”, the 6ft-tall stone jar took 71 hours to carve and has received a mixed response among locals.

Ian Tennant, 36, called the statue “pointless” and added: “It doesn’t even say Marmite on it”.

But Michael Blackstock, 27, from Barton-Under-Needwood, Staffordshire, was more upbeat about the new addition to Burton’s streetscene as he enthused:

I think it’s fantastic – it’s the perfect way to celebrate one of the best things about Burton.  Marmite fans nationwide now have a reason to come to the town to make a pilgrimage for one of our country’s best-known brands.

And in anticipation of those pilgrims, its makers said the 80cm “lid” will “provide seating for children as well as being a platform for adults at public events”.

Hat tip to the Telegraph.  Image by Tamorlan, via Wikimedia.

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Christmas Number One could be a silent night for X Factor

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This year’s bid to keep X Factor off the Christmas top spot is underway with a tune made up of four and a half minutes of silence.

The track 4’33″ by composer John Cage – dubbed “Cage Against the Machine” – has generated more than 30,000 fans on Facebook. Fan Sophia Rose Feinbaum posted:

“It would certainly be a QUIET christmas! Beats all those cheesy ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Santa Claus Rock’ variants at any rate.”

Others joked about potential remixes and videos to compliment the silent song.

Last year a similar internet petition topping 895,000 fans helped Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name beat X Factor winner Joe McElderry from climbing to Christmas number one.

Hat tip to Metro.  Image via Wikipedia.

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Sacked: Finnish newsreader drinks beer on live TV

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In an apparent prank, Finnish newsreader Kimmo Wilska drank beer live on air and got blasted – by his bosses.

Mr Wilska, Finland’s best known English-language anchor, was delivering a story about the country’s licensing laws when he whipped out a beer and took a swig.

The stunt was intended to amuse the studio crew rather than appear on live broadcast, but unfortunately for Mr Wilska, the camera cut back at the wrong moment, forcing him to spill booze on his suit before wrapping up the show.

He was fired for the gag, but like all good rebels he has cultivated a fan base pleading for him to be reinstated.

Facebook fan Vilhjálmur Ólafsson wrote: “Come on, you guys. It was a joke…”

Here is how “Beergate” played out:

Kimmo Wilska Beergate

Watch full broadcast here.  Hat tip to Metro.

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Man converts canal barge into German U-boat

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A sinking feeling came over the Leeds-Liverpool Canal after a man spent £50,000 converting his barge into a German U-boat.

Proud captain Cyril Howarth, 78, a naval history fan, spent 12 months converting his narrow boat into a replica of the feared wartime menace at a Liverpool boat yard.

During the war U-boats sank 3,000 allied ships but thankfully Cyril’s torpedo tubes are not capable of firing live rounds.

But Cyril said that might soon change: “There is just some electrics to sort out below decks.”

And even 65-years on, U-boats are still an alarming sight on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal.

You should have seen the faces of the locals when they woke up and found a battleship grey German navy U-boat in their midst.

Hat tip to the Metro.  Image via Flickr.

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Nesting Dormice blamed for ticket machine failure

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A couple of dormice have taken the rap for a faulty ticket machine, causing passengers to miss their trains.

The rare edible dormice were found nesting inside a “permit to travel” machine – or a ticket machine to those of us unfamiliar with railway jargon – at Little Kimble station in Buckinghamshire.

The animals were detained and transferred to the custody of St Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital.  Mark Cooper, the station’s Customer Service Manager, said:

We were glad to see the animals taking such an interest in the Chiltern Railways services from Little Kimble.

The chilterns have been home to the Edible Dormouse, also known as Glis Glis, for more than 100 years, but British law prohibits the animals’ release back into the wild.

The mouse-induced-ticket-failure is certainly a refreshing change from the usual faulty points and signals.

Hat tip to the Metro.  Image via Michael Hanselmann, Wilipedia.

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