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The ultimate question for the Irish is now answered

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James Joyce pondered if you could walk across Dublin without passing a pub. Turns out that the answer is yes.

Irishmen can all thank Rory McCann of Maps on Kindle for coming up with the answer. He’s had to overcome some interesting problems, like what is the exact definition of "across Dublin", what is a pub, and does a hotel with a bar count?

Technical details?

While reading all the nodes it stored a dictionary of nodes with the positions (and tags) of the nodes. While parsing the ways, it checked if the way was tagged with a highway value one of pedestrian, trunk, trunk_link, footway,residential, primary, secondary, unclassified, service, tertiary, steps, track, path, and the access (if provided) is either public or yes. This stops it trying to route us through private roads. If the way is tagged like that then it stored the ‘connection’ that you can go from node1 to node2 (and vice versa).

That means something to someone, but the route is there. Is anyone brave enough to walk it?

More at, hat tip to Keith Mills.

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Great Britain is not England is not the United Kingdom -The Video

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Apart from offending Ireland, here’s a pretty good “WTF is going on” video.

An early runner for the 2001 things that need to be added to the curriculum is CP Grey’s explanation of Great Britain, or is it the United Kingdom… or England. Ever wondered what everything actually referred to?

Let’s find out.

Just one thing, the phrase “…forgotten even by those in the United Kingdom, is Northern Ireland shown in orange-” well we hard a sharp intake of breath there. Perhaps another colour might have been better.

Go on, someone suggest green.

More at Grey’s Blog and Reddit.

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What if Amazon knew what you didn’t want at Christmas?

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One of the men behind MaxRoam might have solved the “socks for a present problem".

You have to hand it to Irishman Pat Phelan, this is a cracker of an idea… using Amazon as a “present exchange” that gets you what you want without embarrassing your Aunty Jean when she gives up and buys you socks.

So my idea was a global repository of bar-codes held by Amazon, everything we get that we don’t like we head on over to Amazon, enter the bar-code and get offered a choice of an equivalent gift, somebody loves the stuff we don’t. Amazon charge us a small fee and when they receive the inward gift they release your selection. Amazon re-works and re-lists the inward gift.

One little problem, Amazon already have the patent – they just haven’t got round to implementing it yet. Phelan details his wonderful idea and the disappointment that Amazon beat him over on his blog.

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Historic Files Show Churchill UFO Cover-Up

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Newly released Ministry of Defense files have shed light on Churchill’s concerns over extraterrestrials.

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Internet Destroys Tory Web-Campaign

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A seemingly-slick Conservative Party attempt at being web-savvy backfired hilariously this week, when the internet discovered that “Cash Gordon” contained several weaknesses for online mischief.

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Noses Used To Sniff Out Terrorists

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The latest weapon in the fight against terrorism is the schnozz!

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