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GET10 and help Anthony Nolan

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Charity looking to get 10,000 men on the bone marrow register, can you help?

While men aged 18-30 might be the biggest financial donors to the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust, they’re the lowest represented group in the donor register – and the charity is hoping to change that this summer.

With GET10, they’re aiming to get 10,000 new people onto the register, and all it takes is signing a form and providing a small blood sample. If you’re up for it (and we here at The Daily Dust have been on the register for years) then get ten of your friends to join in and potentially save a life in the future.

Join in at

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Manchester claims the London Underground

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London Tube world record now belong to two Mancunians.

With a time of 16 hours, 29 minutes and 57 seconds, Marc Gawley and Martin East are record breakers!

That’s how long it took them to visit every London Underground station using only public transport, shaving fifteen minutes off the previous record. Lots of details on his website about the planning, running and aftermath and his thoughts on the biggest question.. why?

Ironically in order to make the journey fast, I had to avoid using Tube trains and a lot of commuters would agree with that strategy.

Hat tip to Annie Mole, more details at TubeChallenge.

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And our welcome is warm…

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Why not Visit Scotland? Because behind the soundtrack of the cosy adverts lies a much darker truth.

I’m not sure who this would appeal to, but I bet Edward Woodward would! (Sorry, old joke).

Hat tip to B3ta.

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Could this be the new tube map for London?

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Starting with the same principle as Harry Beck, would the Underground look a bit like this?

Given that’s what the team at have done, the answer has to be yes. While this is unofficial (and they’re very clear about that), it presents some wonderful improvements; all the news now have the same design principle so it looks much more unified, and instead of Beck’s choice of 45 degree lines in the original, they’ve went for a 30/60 isometric tilt.

But they’re most proud of the better representation of the distance between stations on the map – not that people who try to run round all the stations know the shortcuts (Bayswater/Queensway for example).

We salute you guys, and while London Transport’s branding expert will likely never choose another map, here’s hoping they let you carry on and be a secondary choice available online.

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Leicester holds up a red rag to the undead

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What happens when a Council admits it is unprepared for a Zombie attack? It gets attacked by Zombies.

It reads like a B-movie plot, and everyone knew it was going to happen, apart from possibly Leicester City Council. Last month’s Freedom of Information request, asking if LCC had a plan for a zombie invasion was answered with a confident no.

"…[We are] unaware of any specific reference to a zombie attack in the council’s emergency plan, however some elements of it could be applied if the situation arose."

So James Dixon raised an army of the undead (or at least 150 of them) and shambled from the city centre clock to the council office. Where they managed to press up against the glass, but the "open the door" principle defeated them.

Perhaps that’s enough of a defence?

More at BBC Leicester.

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The ultimate question for the Irish is now answered

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James Joyce pondered if you could walk across Dublin without passing a pub. Turns out that the answer is yes.

Irishmen can all thank Rory McCann of Maps on Kindle for coming up with the answer. He’s had to overcome some interesting problems, like what is the exact definition of "across Dublin", what is a pub, and does a hotel with a bar count?

Technical details?

While reading all the nodes it stored a dictionary of nodes with the positions (and tags) of the nodes. While parsing the ways, it checked if the way was tagged with a highway value one of pedestrian, trunk, trunk_link, footway,residential, primary, secondary, unclassified, service, tertiary, steps, track, path, and the access (if provided) is either public or yes. This stops it trying to route us through private roads. If the way is tagged like that then it stored the ‘connection’ that you can go from node1 to node2 (and vice versa).

That means something to someone, but the route is there. Is anyone brave enough to walk it?

More at, hat tip to Keith Mills.

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