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Great Britain is not England is not the United Kingdom -The Video

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Apart from offending Ireland, here’s a pretty good “WTF is going on” video.

An early runner for the 2001 things that need to be added to the curriculum is CP Grey’s explanation of Great Britain, or is it the United Kingdom… or England. Ever wondered what everything actually referred to?

Let’s find out.

Just one thing, the phrase “…forgotten even by those in the United Kingdom, is Northern Ireland shown in orange-” well we hard a sharp intake of breath there. Perhaps another colour might have been better.

Go on, someone suggest green.

More at Grey’s Blog and Reddit.

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Glyder Fawr grows six feet to become a super-mountain

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Snowdonia peak gets re-measured and finally makes the grade by reaching past 1000m height.

While the Ordnance Survey technique of measuring hill height has been accepted by many, it has left the National Trust managed peak of Glyder Fawr a bit short of super-mountain status. 5 foot 11 inches short to be precise.

Up till know the height was noted as 3,278 feet (about 999m). Now, thanks to G & J Surveys who obviously were upset at the rounding error, the height has been upped to 3,278 feet. Using GPS equipment they sorted out the height, and in the process gave Wales it’s fifth peak over 1000m.

That’s going to lead to more climbers interested in the hillside, more people ready to stake a claim, and more tourists to Snowdonia. Perfect for Wales!

And the occasional clothing item that says "I’ve climbed Wales’ Fifth Super Mountain and all I got was this rather flimsy T-Shirt."

Picture by Robbie Shade, Flickr.

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Newport: Concrete Jungle, Nothing In Order – And Now Banned From Youtube

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We’ve all seen it (if not, catch a glimpse on the ITN report below) – one of the funniest parodies of the year.

The promo, which features unsigned rapper Alex Warren and singer Terema Wainwright, has become a huge hit online, with around 2.4m views at last count.

It seems EMI weren’t so pleased and decided to file a copyright claim.

Now when you search for it, you see “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by EMI Music Publishing Ltd.”

Altogether now… “When you’re in Newport, chips, cheese, curry makes you feel brand new, washed down with a Special Brew.”

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Historic Files Show Churchill UFO Cover-Up

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Newly released Ministry of Defense files have shed light on Churchill’s concerns over extraterrestrials.

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The Welsh Land Speed Record Holder on his Lawnmower

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Next stop, the green green grass of home.

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Internet Destroys Tory Web-Campaign

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A seemingly-slick Conservative Party attempt at being web-savvy backfired hilariously this week, when the internet discovered that “Cash Gordon” contained several weaknesses for online mischief.

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