The Daily Dust delivering the best bric a brac, daily news and events with a British flavour » Entertainment Mon, 15 Sep 2014 09:05:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Live: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dizzee Rascal, The Wombats + Reverend and the Makers Mon, 25 Jun 2012 09:39:04 +0000 Dave Musson  When the Chili Peppers came to Knebworth for one of only two UK shows this year, we certainly weren’t going to miss it! Not only are the Peppers legendary, and a fine live band, it also gave us an excuse to take our annual trip to Knebworth, which hadn’t looked likely in 2012 after Sonisphere was cancelled. Anyway, we joined around 50,000 people for an evening of great live music.

Sheffield lot Reverend and the Makers got things going with a solid, but curtailed, set that seemed to go down well. Their singer did encourage the crowd to all buy the band’s new single on their phones before midnight to stop Justin Bieber getting to number one in the charts, but a crowd cheering approval is one thing…getting them to actually do it is another!

Scouse three piece the Wombats were next and again went down well with the large crowd. They pack a tonne of energy into their mix of upbeat indie chords, which is always a solid combination when it comes to warming up a big crowd.

Third on was what looked from the outside a slightly odd choice – Dizzee Rascal. But, credit to the MC, he nailed it and got the whole field moving. Dizzee dashed from stage left to stage right with an unending enthusiasm that rubbed off onto the crowd, so much so that set closer ‘Bonkerz’ was an undisputed triumph. Well done sir.

Finally, after a slight rain delay, it was down to the Chilis to round things off. This is a band that has a habit of putting on great shows in big fields and this one was no exception. The band sounded tight, fresh and looked like they are still having a blast. ‘Around the World’ and ‘Dani California’ smoked while the infectious licks of ‘Throw Away Your Television’ and ‘Can’t Stop’ were both highlights. With such a fine back catalogue to pick from, you are almost always guaranteed a top show from the Peppers, and couple that with fruitcake bassist Flea being given a mic then you have a winning formula.

Enjoy our pics of each act below – Reverend and the Makers 6 images, The Wombats 9 images, Dizzee Rascal 12 images, RHCP 21 images.

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Live: Blink 182 + All-American Rejects + Twin Atlantic Sun, 17 Jun 2012 17:15:20 +0000 Dave Musson  They’re the undisputed kings of pop-punk, so we weren’t going to miss the chance to catch Blink 182 when they came to town. In fact, they were actually due over here a year ago but, as they say, better late than never! With them were Twin Atlantic and the All-American Rejects, who both did a grand job warming things up. But it was Blink who brought the house down, with hit after hit throughout their set. Carry on down for snaps of all three bands.

blink review tdd 001 blink review tdd 002 blink review tdd 003 blink review tdd 004 blink review tdd 005 blink review tdd 006 blink review tdd 007 blink review tdd 008 blink review tdd 009 blink review tdd 010 blink review tdd 011 blink review tdd 012 blink review tdd 013 blink review tdd 014 blink review tdd 015 blink review tdd 016 blink review tdd 017 blink review tdd 018 blink review tdd 019 blink review tdd 020 blink review tdd 021 blink review tdd 022 blink review tdd 023 blink review tdd 024 blink review tdd 025 blink review tdd 026 blink review tdd 027 blink review tdd 028 blink review tdd 029 blink review tdd 030 blink review tdd 031 blink review tdd 032 blink review tdd 033 blink review tdd 034 blink review tdd 035 blink review tdd 036 blink review tdd 037 blink review tdd 038 blink review tdd 039 ]]> 0
Live: Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside, Miss May I Mon, 09 Apr 2012 17:24:58 +0000 Dave Musson We check out Aussie heavyweights Parkway Drive as they bring their headline tour to the Midlands.

Ever since seeing PWD live for the first time when they supported Bring Me the Horizon last year and then again at Sonisphere, we’ve been looking forward to this show – and we weren’t let down. A blindingly heavy set that had the whole room moving, plus two fine support acts in the shape of The Ghost Inside and Miss May I.

Enjoy our photos!

parkway drive 013 parkway drive 014 parkway drive 015 parkway drive 021 parkway drive 027 parkway drive 029 parkway drive 031 parkway drive 032 parkway drive 038 parkway drive 045 parkway drive 048 parkway drive 049 parkway drive 051 parkway drive 054 parkway drive 059 parkway drive 060 parkway drive 062 parkway drive 065 parkway drive 066 parkway drive 068 parkway drive 074 ]]> 0
Live: Joe Bonamassa Sat, 31 Mar 2012 22:27:38 +0000 Dave Musson We check out the king of the blues guitar, Mr Joe Bonamassa, as he rocks the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham.Bonamassa has been hot property in the guitar world for a few years now, and here on the Daily Dust we’ve already had experience of his genius seeing him both as a solo artist and as part of Black Country Communion. Tonight though, it was all about Joe, and he’s certainly no ordinary one. Making mind-bending playing look ridiculously easy and playing with a style that matches his sharp dressed image, he puts on a great show. Enjoy our pictures!


joe bonamassa 002 joe bonamassa 003 joe bonamassa 010 joe bonamassa 014 joe bonamassa 016 joe bonamassa 020 joe bonamassa 021 joe bonamassa 023 joe bonamassa 025 joe bonamassa 030 joe bonamassa 032 joe bonamassa 034 joe bonamassa 037 joe bonamassa 038 joe bonamassa 042 joe bonamassa 043 joe bonamassa 045 joe bonamassa 052 joe bonamassa 053 joe bonamassa 054 joe bonamassa 058 ]]> 0
The best of…The Chariot Sat, 17 Mar 2012 13:46:48 +0000 Dave Musson The Chariot are brilliant. Absolutely, bloody, insanely brilliant. We found this out last month when they came over to the UK with buddies Norma Jean. But, not only did we get the joy of seeing them play, frontman Josh Scrogin also kindly took time to chat to us. Find out what he had to say after the jump.

Best news you’ve had today?

That there was barbeque in the venue so we could have barbequed food – that’s really good news for a southern boy!

Best thing about touring the UK with Norma Jean?

Obviously we have a history with Norma Jean (Josh was there original signer), and we’re all friends. I’ve known them all since middle school so just being with them is the best. Being in the UK is just a bonus because the UK is always very nice to us and the shows are a blast. The whole scenario in general is just the best!

Best thing about being in The Chariot?

Being able to play our live shows every night, it’s very fun, exciting and fresh. We always switch things up, change things around, add songs, take songs away – we try to feel out every night so it’s not just ‘last night’s show’ or ‘tomorrow night’s show’, and that’s a blast. It’s also very therapeutic in a lot of ways, I feel like being able to do that every night helps me stay on the straight and narrow. Live shows are such a pleasant thing to be able to be part of every single night.

Best song your band has ever written?

I have a favourite, but I don’t know if it’s the best. My favourite song is probably ‘Then They Came to Kill’ on the Fiancée release and it featured Hayley Williams from Paramore – that was a bonus. It’s just a really fun song, it has a lot of parts and a lot of different things. However, live my favourite one to play is ‘The City’, which is the song where we really try and remove the barrier between us on stage and everyone watching. That song has a part in the end that pretty much demands crowd participation.

Best line/lyric you’ve ever written?

The one that means a lot to me is “calm rose”, which our guitarist just got tattooed on his knuckles. The line is “calm rose, heavy winds” but the imagery is of a crazy storm of life all around you and one single, solitary calm rose. It’s about taking baby steps to get out of whatever storm you’re in.

Best thing about your fellow band members?

Definitely that we’re all friends and that every night is different. When it all works it can be a very magical thing, but when it doesn’t it can be a real train wreck. When it is a wreck, the best part of being with these dudes is that you can just go with it.

Best show The Chariot has ever played?

That’s a tough one – we have a top three craziest shows, which, in our book are probably the best. We had one in Moscow and at the time it was by far the nuttiest we’ve ever played – the crowd participation was just immense. We also played Essen in Germany and somewhere in Italy, and those three are definitely the best of our career so far; they were awesome.

Best band The Chariot has ever toured with?

I’m a big fan of Converge – they keep putting out records that are phenomenal – and we did the Sounds of the Underground touring festival with them. They’re such a good band so I’ll give it to them!

Best show you’ve ever seen as a fan?

I saw Arcade Fire and, while I don’t know if it was the best I’ve seen of all time, it really opened my eyes because they’re such a huge band and I hadn’t seen a good arena rock show in ages. Man, it was a really powerful show and it opened my eyes to know that you can be an arena rock band and still have that passion and feel like you’re enjoying yourself. That was something I felt was missing from some of the other arena shows I used to see back in the day. I didn’t expect to be so blown away by how good it was.

Best band ever?

The Beatles – that’s easy.

Best album ever?

I probably have a top five. One of my favourites that I listen to so much and really rocked my world at the right time would be the Geisha record by the Smashing Pumpkins.

Best song ever?

‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon and Garfunkel, but I really like the Elvis version a lot. It’s just a quality, quality song.

Best movie ever?

That depends on my mood. I really enjoyed Moulin Rouge because there’s so many songs and so much going on. I also like documentaries and there’s one called Man on Wire that, as an artist, opened my eyes. It’s tough to call out one though, because sometimes I just want to watch Dumb and Dumber!

Best ice cream flavour?

I don’t like ice cream, so no ice cream would be the best!

Best pizza topping?


Best day of your life?

Well I’m married so I should probably say my wedding day! It was a very great day.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My dad always used to say, “if you’re going to do something, do it all the way.” That dealt with a lot of character and how people see you. My dad drilled that into my head my whole life, whether it was cleaning my room, starting a band, whatever. It’s a blessing and a curse – a blessing ultimately, but sometimes, before starting a project I realise I can’t corners or anything like that.

The Chariot, photographed for the Daily Dust by Dave Musson Photography

Make sure you check out our live coverage of their tour with Norma Jean. Also, The Chariot is playing this year’s Hevy Fest – this is a good thing!

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Live: The Answer & The Union Mon, 12 Mar 2012 21:48:45 +0000 Dave Musson When a co-headline run starring The Answer and The Union came to town, we certainly weren’t going to miss it, so we packed our camera and headed off to catch the rock show in Wolverhampton! Both bands went down a storm to the packed house and underlined that British rock is in fine health right now.


Enjoy our selection of snaps below!


Also, make sure you check out our interview with The Answer frontman, Cormac Neeson. You can find out what he had to say right here.

answer union 003 answer union 006 answer union 007 answer union 010 answer union 012 answer union 013 answer union 014 answer union 015 answer union 017 answer union 020 answer union 022 answer union 024 answer union 025 answer union 026 answer union 031 answer union 034 answer union 035 answer union 038 answer union 040 answer union 041 answer union 042 answer union 044 answer union 045 answer union 050 answer union 051 answer union 053 answer union 055 answer union 058 answer union 059 answer union 061 answer union 063 answer union 064 answer union 065 answer union 068 answer union 069 answer union 072 answer union 073 answer union 074 answer union 077 answer union 084 answer union 086 answer union 089 answer union 092 answer union 093 answer union 096 ]]> 0
Live: Band of Skulls and Broken Hands Sun, 04 Mar 2012 17:09:05 +0000 Dave Musson  Proving just how much noise three people can make, we watch Band of Skulls rock Wolverhampton.

The Skulls have just come off supporting the Black Keys on an arena run, so have certainly had plenty of chance to hone their live chops.

We also saw Broken Hands another British act flying the garage rock flag with plenty of aplomb. Enjoy our photos of both bands.



band of skulls 001 band of skulls 002 band of skulls 006 band of skulls 009 band of skulls 015 band of skulls 020 band of skulls 021 band of skulls 036 band of skulls 038 band of skulls 040 band of skulls 043 band of skulls 045 band of skulls 049 band of skulls 051 band of skulls 053 band of skulls 059 band of skulls 063 band of skulls 065 ]]> 0
Live: Norma Jean, The Chariot, Dead and Devine, Admiral’s Arms Sun, 04 Mar 2012 15:38:56 +0000 Dave Musson  It’s the most metal tour of the year so far, which naturally meant we headed to Birmingham to give our eardrums a bashing.

First up were Parisien fivepiece Admiral’s Arms, who are clearly having plenty of fun on their first UK run. They are full of energy with tight, punchy songs and by the time their bassist joins the crowd for the end of their last song, they’ve won themselves more than a few new Brummie friends.

Second on the bill, Canada’s Dead and Devine. Very much alive they also rip through their set with plenty of precise playing and chugging beatdowns. Much fun.

Third up, The Chariot. If you’ve not had the joy of seeing this lot play before just know this; they are IN-SANE. Guitars and limbs fly, band members spend as much time in the crowd as on stage and the drummer manages to carry on with the final song despite having his kit dismantled by his singer. Oh, and they’re brilliant musicians too. Fantastic stuff.

Then it was left to Norma Jean to bring it home and they do it some style, sounding as heavy as a rhino with a hangover. Their riffs are as big as monsters and they pack so much passion into both their songs and their performance that it is very difficult not to be drawn in. A fine end to a fine evening of metal – raise those horns and enjoy our pics!

norma jean tour 003 norma jean tour 008 norma jean tour 012 norma jean tour 014 norma jean tour 016 norma jean tour 020 norma jean tour 024 norma jean tour 026 norma jean tour 028 norma jean tour 031 norma jean tour 034 norma jean tour 038 norma jean tour 046 norma jean tour 050 norma jean tour 053 norma jean tour 059 norma jean tour 060 norma jean tour 061 norma jean tour 066 norma jean tour 067 norma jean tour 073 norma jean tour 074 norma jean tour 075 norma jean tour 078 norma jean tour 081 norma jean tour 083 norma jean tour 089 norma jean tour 091 norma jean tour 094 norma jean tour 095

Photos: Dave Musson Photography

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The best of…The Answer Sun, 04 Mar 2012 10:27:11 +0000 Dave Musson Ahead of their co-headline run around these shores with The Union that kicks off this week, we catch up with The Answer’s singer Cormac Neeson for a wee chat.

Best news you’ve had today?
Nikki Six from Motley Crue is a fan of the band and plays our music on his show…pretty cool!!!

Best thing about touring the UK with The Union?
Being able to hear those guys rock out every night.

Best thing about being in The Answer?
I don’t have to get a real job.

Best song your band has ever written?
Waste Your Tears

Best line or lyric in any of your songs?
“Belfast town won’t you bring me around like a street light swingers rope upon the ground”..not sure if its my best but I like it.

Best thing about your fellow band members?
Micky’s nice hair

Best gig The Answer has ever played?
Madison Square Garden with ACDC

Best band The Answer has ever toured with?
See previous answer

Best gig you’ve seen as a fan?
Pearl Jam, Dublin 1996 I think

Best band ever?

Best album ever?
Smashin Pumpkins “Siamese Dream”

Best song ever?
Thats impossible to answer but for the sake of the interview I’m gonna say “Ramble On” by Led Zep

Best movie ever?
Midnight Run

Best ice cream flavour?

Best pizza topping?
Hot Chilli

Best day of your life?
When Liverpool beat AC Milan in the Champions League Final.

Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Don’t let anyone make you afraid

We’ll be checking out The Answer and The Union playing together in Wolverhampton – be sure to come back to the Dust for some great photos from the show!

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Live: Rammstein Sun, 26 Feb 2012 14:52:21 +0000 Dave Musson German metal legends Rammstein are currently trekking these shores with their greatest hits tour and we were there to see it. We took our cameras to the show at the LG Arena in Birmingham and set about dodging fire and various other bits of pyro. It was quite a spectacle – as anyone who has seen this band live will expect – and we felt very lucky to be there. Hope you enjoy our photos.

rammstein 005 rammstein 007 rammstein 009 rammstein 011 rammstein 013 rammstein 014 rammstein 015 rammstein 016 rammstein 022 rammstein 026 rammstein 029 rammstein 031 rammstein 032 rammstein 035 rammstein 038 rammstein 039 rammstein 043 rammstein 046 rammstein 048 rammstein 049 rammstein 052 rammstein 056 rammstein 057 rammstein 059 rammstein 061 rammstein 064 rammstein 067 rammstein 069 rammstein 075 rammstein 085 rammstein 089 rammstein 091 rammstein 094 ]]> 0
Live: The Devil Wears Prada Sun, 12 Feb 2012 19:08:28 +0000 Dave Musson We kicked off our live music coverage for 2012 with rising metalcore heroes The Devil Wears Prada and their first headline run in the UK. The freezing temperatures outside did nothing to put off a host of Brummie metalheads packing out the Birmingham O2 Academy 2 to see how the Ohio six-piece would get on. The answer…superbly. TDWP pack a sizeable punch on stage and brought a great level of heaviness to things, particularly with cuts from latest album ‘Dead Throne’ and the terrific ‘Zombie’ EP. Enjoy our snaps!

TDWP 010 TDWP 011 TDWP 016 TDWP 017 TDWP 018 TDWP 021 TDWP 023 TDWP 024 TDWP 033 TDWP 039 TDWP 040 TDWP 042 TDWP 042_1 TDWP 051 TDWP 114 ]]> 0
Downton Abbey beats EastEnders to festive top spot in consolidated ratings Tue, 03 Jan 2012 17:51:57 +0000 The DailyDust reporter Who won the TV ratings war this Christmas…

Powered by article titled “Downton Abbey beats EastEnders to festive top spot in consolidated ratings” was written by Tara Conlan, for on Tuesday 3rd January 2012 17.11 UTC

Downton Abbey has leapfrogged EastEnders to become the most-watched TV show over the festive period, after newly released figures show that an additional 3.5 million viewers chose to record the ITV1 drama and watched it after it aired on Christmas Day.

BBC1′s EastEnders won the battle for the title of the most-watched show on Christmas Day – for the third year in a row – easily beating the Julian Fellowes costume drama into fourth spot by almost 2 million viewers. The shows went head-to-head at 9pm on Christmas Day.

However, the BBC’s victory has been short-lived following the release of new figures from the official TV measurement body, Barb, which includes so-called “timeshift” viewing by households who have recorded shows in the seven days after first transmission on personal video recorders such as Sky+.

Downton Abbey’s Christmas Day audience was 8.1 million, well behind EastEnders’ 9.9 million, but consolidated figures show that 3.5 million viewers caught up with the ITV1 show later in the festive period.

In total 11.6 million viewers watched the Christmas Day episode of Downton Abbey within seven days.

This compares with EastEnders which saw its consolidated audience rise to 11.3 million, after timeshift viewing added about 1.5 million to its total audience.

During the last series of Downton Abbey fans complained to ITV about the number of commercials that ran during the programme, so that may have prompted some viewers to record the programme so they could skip the adverts.

Barb’sconsolidated seven day viewing figures are a mixed blessing for ITV, with Coronation Street dropping to fourth place, down a spot from the original Christmas Day viewing figures, thanks to Downton’s popularity on catchup TV.

Coronation Street pulled in 9.3 million viewers live on Christmas Day, and a total of 10.5 million after recorded and catchup viewing is included.

BBC1′s Doctor Who also drops a spot, to fourth, after originally notching up a Christmas Day audience of 8.9 million.

A total of 10.8 million caught Doctor Who over the festive period, according to Barb’s consolidated viewing figures.

BBC1′s Absolutely Fabulous fared better when recordings are taken into account, with almost 2 million choosing to watch it on another day, putting it in fifth place with 9.1 million. An audience of 7.4 million originally tuned in to catch it live.

Every Boxing Day, Barb releases “overnight” ratings for Christmas Day, which are official figures but, according to Barb, “are not the final figures as exact programme timings will not have been incorporated and timeshifted viewing remains to be added”.

With the rise in personal recording devices such as Sky+ and online players such as BBC iPlayer, some shows can see a huge rise in viewing figures as word of mouth spreads about a programme.

Earlier this year, Sky drama Mad Dogs saw a total linear audience of 817,000 for its live premiere across satellite and cable.

But when looking at the consolidated numbers across a seven-day period, the total audience was more than 2.2 million.

• To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. If you are writing a comment for publication, please mark clearly “for publication”.

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Live: BRMB Live 2011 Wed, 30 Nov 2011 20:49:57 +0000 Dave Musson The LG Arena in Birmingham was turned into a perfect palace of pop last weekend as BRMB Live took over – to the delight of 15,000 screaming fans. The packed house was treated to sets from Pixie Lott, Emile Sande, Tinchy Stryder, Matt Cardle, Cher Lloyd, James Morrison, The Wanted and JLS, and we were there to photograph it all. Enjoy our snaps!

brmb_a_002 brmb_a_006 brmb_a_010 brmb_a_015 brmb_a_016 brmb_a_021 brmb_a_025 brmb_a_027 brmb_a_028 brmb_b_004 brmb_b_008 brmb_b_009 brmb_b_011 brmb_b_013 brmb_b_020 brmb_c_004 brmb_c_014 brmb_c_016 brmb_c_017 brmb_c_018 brmb_c_019 brmb_d_002 brmb_d_009 brmb_d_011 brmb_d_014 brmb_d_016 brmb_e_003 brmb_e_008 brmb_e_010 brmb_e_011 brmb_e_015 brmb_e_017 brmb_e_024 brmb_f_002 brmb_f_004 brmb_f_008 brmb_f_010 brmb_g_004 brmb_g_007 brmb_g_011 brmb_g_012 brmb_g_013 brmb_g_015 brmb_g_018 brmb_g_019 brmb_g_020 brmb_g_024 brmb_g_026 brmb_h_002 brmb_h_006 brmb_h_008 brmb_h_012 brmb_h_013 brmb_h_017 brmb_h_018 brmb_h_020 brmb_h_022 brmb_h_027 brmb_h_029 brmb_h_036 brmb_h_040 brmb_h_041 ]]> 0
Live: Red Hot Chili Peppers Sat, 26 Nov 2011 11:52:46 +0000 Dave Musson Red Hot Chili Peppers @ LG Arena, Birmingham, 20-11-11

The grand masters of funk, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, are back on the road in support of their newest album ‘I’m With You’ and the Dust was lucky enough to photograph their final night in the UK, as the Peppers rocked Birmingham. Enjoy our gallery!

rhcp 038 rhcp 040 rhcp 044 rhcp 046 rhcp 051 rhcp 055 rhcp 057 rhcp 058 rhcp 059 rhcp 061 rhcp 066 rhcp 073 rhcp 075 rhcp 077 rhcp 084 rhcp 091 rhcp 094 rhcp 105 rhcp 108 rhcp 112 rhcp 113 rhcp 118 rhcp 121 rhcp 122 rhcp 144 rhcp 148 rhcp 150 rhcp 161 rhcp 164 rhcp 172 rhcp 182 rhcp 184 rhcp 187 rhcp 196 rhcp 208 ]]> 0
Aaaayyy-BE for the Fonz Thu, 15 Sep 2011 14:25:03 +0000 Ewan

Actor Henry Winkler picks up honorary award for services to dyslexia.

Having been diagnosed as suffering from dyslexia, Henry Winkler, better known as The Fonz from Happy Days, has done his best to help people understand the condition and helping them cope.

"My goal when I started working with children was never to bring accolades on myself, but instead to change how people think about those around them for whom learning is a struggle.

That’s now been rewarded, with an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II.

Picking up his Order of the British Empire medal from the British Embassy in Washington DC, Winkler, 65, may have been thinking he could add the OBE to his two Golden Globes and three Primetime Emmys’s. Or he was thinking when the Queen as going to jump the shark.

More at The Guardian.

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Oh Louise, I’ve got the giggles Tue, 13 Sep 2011 21:18:49 +0000 Ewan A live newspaper review, a bit of schoolboy humour, and the giggles attack Sky News.

And who should you blame? The host for staying with some comedy gold? The commentators for egging each other on? Or the Chancellor of the Exchequeor, George Osbourne, or having his safe word as … Louise?

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Doris Day makes UK Chart History Mon, 12 Sep 2011 07:50:48 +0000 Ewan Pop this one in your pub quiz folder, Day becomes the oldest artist to go into the Top Ten with new material.

That new material is the kicker, because anyone can throw out a Greatest Hits collection and make the hit parade (we’re looking at you, Dame Vera Lynn), but doing it with new songs, at the age of 87, that takes a certain amount of style.

Let’s be honest, Day has style.

Expect a US release in the run up to Christmas, and if Dave can find a gap between episodes of Qi and Top Gear, a re-run of Move over Darling as a Sunday matinee.

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Red or Black was turned down in 2003… by ITV Fri, 09 Sep 2011 11:18:27 +0000 Ewan If you’ve ever wanted evidence that ITV has been "dumbed down" on a Saturday night look no further than Red or Black? And by Red or Black we mean the Brian Conley version.

Filmed eight years ago, the initial pilot starred Conley, who was licking his wounds after the poor performance of ITV’s "Judgement Day." That lasted just two Saturday nights before it as cut short.

So it looks like Red or Black is at least going to equal that – but at the time it wasn’t going to get near the schedule. ITV Controller Claudia Rosencrantz talking last week about the pilot:

I didn’t believe people would like to see someone win a vast sum of money, with no skills at all involved. Second, gambling is not a spectator sport, you get an adrenaline rush from participating in it.

"I also did not like the idea of a show about gambling, which I personally loathe. If [the ITV chairman] had asked my advice I would have saved him a lot of money."

The big difference? Well Ant & Dec are the modern day Conley, so we can only assume it’s down to Simon Cowell’s charm.

More at The Guardian.

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Who wants to buy the Pink Panthermobile? Wed, 07 Sep 2011 12:49:03 +0000 Ewan The original car from the animated TV series (you know, the one with the kid driving) is going under the hammer next month.

Expected to sell for up to £100,000, this is only the second time the car has come up for sale – and the previous time was purchased for £88,000. What will it go for this time?

Hat tip to Orange.

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The Burning of the Daleks Wed, 07 Sep 2011 08:15:00 +0000 Ewan It’s a Dalek. In the desert. At Burning Man… alons-y!

Quite simply, this rules. I bet they wanted to start the fire as well.

Congrats to Mark Day.

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Who’s paying the bills anyway? Mon, 05 Sep 2011 09:02:28 +0000 Ewan How about every "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" on demand to start your week?

No we’ve no idea how legal this is, but it’s Monday morning so we’re not going to complain until we get a few laughs and some coffee in us. Can I recommend you start with this UK Season 5 episode with the classic line up of Greg Proops, Ryan Stiles, Mike McShane and Josie Lawrence?

But be quick, the lawyers doing their best impression of Clive Anderson will likely swoop in shortly, although Tony Slattery will have no idea why they are at his party.

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The lingering final image of fiction Mon, 29 Aug 2011 15:32:43 +0000 Ewan What’s the last thing you’ll take away from the movies?

The Dust team are sure we’ve seen this as a quiz somewhere, but no matter. Monte Patterson brings together the final images of a bundle of movies , just because it’s a cool idea. How many of your favourites are here?

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Previously on Doctor Who… Sat, 27 Aug 2011 11:57:22 +0000 Ewan Before tonight’s return with "Let’s Kill Hitler", take a moment to catch up on the last 48 years of Doctor Who.

The next part is at 19.10 tonight on BBC1.

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Back to the Future gets its own warning site Fri, 26 Aug 2011 15:33:13 +0000 Ewan It’s a simple question, has Back to the Future been remade yet?

And if you want to know the shockingly accurate answer, visit You can thank us later.

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Top Gear episodes to be made available on Facebook Tue, 23 Aug 2011 12:46:55 +0000 Admin1 clarkson

Powered by article titled “Top Gear episodes to be made available on Facebook” was written by Mark Sweney, for on Tuesday 23rd August 2011 10.46 UTC

BBC Worldwide is make episodes of Top Gear available to Facebook users at a cost of 93p.

The BBC’s commercial arm has developed a video-on-demand app for Facebook that will allow users of the website to rent a limited number of Top Gear episodes using Facebook Credits.

The corporation is initially offering three episodes – the Polar Special, US Road Trip and Vietnam Road Trip – at a cost of 15 Facebook Credits each, the equivalent of 93p. Once rented, episodes will be available to view for 48 hours.

Facebook has about 700 million users globally, but the Top Gear episodes will only be made available for users in Europe, the US, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

"Top Gear has amassed a huge following on Facebook with almost 14 million friends following the brand itself and the Stig," said the show’s managing director, Adam Waddell. "We’re always looking at ways of adding value for the core fans of the show so it’s entirely appropriate that we should be one of the first TV shows to make its premium content available via Facebook."

Last month BBC Worldwide struck a similar deal with Facebook to allow fans to watch classic episodes of Doctor Who.

On Monday Miramax unveiled a movie streaming service through Facebook at a cost of 30 Facebook Credits each.

Last week FA Cup sponsor Budweiser brokered a deal with non-league teams Ascot United and Wembley FC to stream the opening game of the FA Cup live.

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