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So why did Boris cancel the FIFA Hotel for the Olypmics?

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By deciding to declare war on a small country – or cancelling a hotel booking.

Good old Boris Johnson. He’s now explained why he made the popular move of removing the free hotel booking of FIFA during the 2012 World Cup (without of course mentioning why they were given what appears to be a subtle bribe in the first place). It was because David Cameron wouldn;t go to war:

I was so furious at the lies and the graft — and the bland complacency with which the world’s self-styled football authority had ignored the excellent claims of the England bid — that my first instinct was to go for the military option.

What we needed, I felt, was a quick and popular Falklands-style conflict with one of the countries whose mendacious representatives had shafted England — just to clear the air.

I think I even vaguely suggested the idea to the Prime Minister, and he was sensible enough to rule it out.

His ultimate solution though seems no less impossible… to just go and win the 2018 World Cup anyway.


More on Boris’ Blog.

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Are you wearing your football shirt to work today?

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Boris Johnson has asked you nicely, as it will help the 2018 World Cup bid.

In one of his more sensible ideas, Mayor Boris Johnson is getting behind the England bid to host the 2018 World Cup by encouraging a groundswell of public support while the FIFA examiners are in London.

The results of the hosting competition will be announced in 100 days (on December 2nd) but Johnson reckons that the love of Football that could be put on display by Londoners could tip the balance:

In one hundred days time we could all be World Cup winners and surely nowhere in the world could host a better World Cup Final than our great capital. So whoever you support I’m urging you to get your kit on and back the bid."

Rumours that Scottish workers in the capital have donned T-shirts proclaiming their love of Jimmy Hill are, currently, unsubstantiated.

More at the London Gov website.

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USA See England As ‘Easiest Game’

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USA and West Ham defender Jonathon Spector fuels the flames ahead of England’s opening World Cup game.

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Ambassadors Dinner at Steak in World Cup Betting Fever

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US and UK diplomats bet a hot dinner over football fixture.

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Capello spot on with squad selection

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As Fabio Capello names his final 23 man squad for this summers World Cup, Sam Cooper takes a look at what each player brings.

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BREAKING NEWS: Capello decides on final World Cup Squad

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Arsenal winger Theo Walcott is the surprise cut from Fabio Capello’s final 23 man World Cup squad.

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