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Why Alec Guinness really is Mark Zuckerberg

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A very white hat is doffed towards Kevin Marks for his look at the Facebook biopic “The Social Network.”

Now that Marks has mentioned it, the relationship between Aaron Sorkin’s new film and “The Man In The White Suit” and Guinness’ inventor make a lot more sense:

Both films capture the ascetic geek intensity and focus well, but Sorkin and Fincher want to tear it down, whereas MacDougal and MacKendrick see the Innovators Dilemma clearly 45 years before Christensen did. As Lessig says, The Social Network portrays a legal system that preys on invention, not supporting it; the Man in the White Suit has the inventor’s notebooks establishing rights that he needs to be paid for.

Of course it’s the film from the fifties that correctly handles the unique dimension that a woman can bring to a start-up or new business, and not the modern 21st Century portrayal.

Fancy that. Marks’ full thoughts are at his blog.

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Let’s ping Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

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Magazine profiles the head of Facebook and finds a rather quiet, sensible young CEO.

With 500 million users on his network, Mark Zuckerberg is likely one of the richest men on the planet (if he decides to cash out) but he’s also got a huge amount of information and personal details on  in 14 of us.

Jose Antonio Vargas sits down with him for an in-depth profile for the New Yorker with the CEO on a mission.

Zuckerberg, of course, did do it, and one of the reasons that he has held on to it is that money has never seemed to be his top priority. In 2005, MTV Networks considered buying Facebook for seventy-five million dollars. Yahoo! and Microsoft soon offered much more. Zuckerberg turned them all down. Terry Semel, the former C.E.O. of Yahoo!, who sought to buy Facebook for a billion dollars in 2006, told me, “I’d never met anyone—forget his age, twenty-two then or twenty-six now—I’d never met anyone who would walk away from a billion dollars. But he said, ‘It’s not about the price. This is my baby, and I want to keep running it, I want to keep growing it.’ I couldn’t believe it.”

Of course with all that access to Zuckerberg, it’s not surprising that the profile is a nice gentle read, but if you keep that little thought in mind, it’s an illuminating.

More at the New Yorker.

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Christie’s iPhone App Finds Lost Significant Work

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A pair of oils by the Anglo-Australian artist William Blamire Young (1862-1935), is believed to be the first significant work identified and consigned to auction through Christie’s iPhone application.

Light Horse and Artillery, painted in 1904, were found in 75 year old’s attic in Surrey.

Her neighbour, Spencer Wright, a digital developer and iPhone user, used his Christie’s ‘app’ to research the artist from the signature, and then sent photographs of the works through to the specialist department for a valuation.

The paintings (one of which was documented but its whereabouts unknown) celebrate the birth of the Australian army and were formerly in the ownership of its founder, Major General Edward ‘Curly’ Hutton.

They will be offered as a pair and are expected to realise £20,000-30,000 when included in the sale of Modern and Contemporary Australian Art at Christie’s South Kensington on September 23.

Hat tip Antiques trade gazette

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Brit Launches Site Set To Change The Recruitment Industry

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Entrepreneur Chris Smith sold his stake in the recruitment company he founded and decided to try and shake up the industry. has been launched to revolutionise the way employers engage with recruitment agencies.  The service is free for companies, and recruiters simply bid for the business:-

Chris told us: “An employer simply posts a job, free and anonymously, along with the fee they are prepared to pay to fill the role. Recruitment agencies and head-hunters then bid to take on the job.  The employer reviews and engages the best agency. The employer only pays once the new recruit commences work.”

Yourpeoplemarket is being used by both Blue Chips and SME’s and is currently delivering savings in the order of 30-60%. We asked Mr Smith if these ‘savings’ would effect the levels of service delivered, he told us “given the competitive nature of the marketplace and our unique recruitment rating system “YouRate”, service levels employers are enjoying are being driven up, the higher an agency ranks, the more business they can expect”.

A promising site that could not only save costs for employers but can drive new business for agencies, will this site be a hit or miss?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

If you have a promising UK Start-up do let us know by using the contact us form.

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The Double Rainbow meme takes to the air

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The web discovers the F-22 Raptor owns the double rainbow effect.

Yes, the idea of a Double Rainbow has really taken off now. The original video with Paul Vasquez may already be an internet legend, but we here at The Daily Dust think this shot shoots down Vasquez and climbs to the number one slot.

Photographer (and Air Show fan) Bernardo Malfitano describes the shot:

An F-22 at Miramar at the top of a loop. He is pulling so many Gs, the low pressure air over the fuselage (that is "sucking" the airplane into the loop) gets cold enough for the water to condense… And the angle is just right for sunlight to undergo total internal refraction and make rainbow colors (sic) around the airplane (although I had to under-expose quite a bit for the effect to be visible).

Hat tip to Neatorama, picture by Bernardo Malfitano (Facebook).

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BBC strikes a new low in supporting the Chilean Miners

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Will the contributors to the BBC Have Your Say message board provide a better answer than NASA, Psychologists and Mining Experts?

Seriously BBC? You want people to pitch in ideas to get the trapped miners through their confinement?

Five of the 33 miners trapped deep underground in Chile are showing signs of depression, officials say.What advice would you give the miners?

Thankfully the public have taken to this with a certain amount of indignity and tongue in cheek ideas. Here are some of our favourites:

  • I would ask for a light some knitting needles and some nice yarn.
    I know that the men in Peru do a lot of knitting, I wonder if it is the same for Chile?
  • Having never personally been trapped in a mine and had to face the prospect of spending several months in there, I cannot offer much valid advice. If I had my iPod I could spend hours just listening to music though.
  • As they are being kept at work I hope they are getting overtime!
  • ‘I’ve heard that they have the internet down there. They are reading HYS and thanking themselves they don’t live in the UK, as they feel that it’s a lot worse here than down the mine.
  • A baseball and catchers mitten worked for Steve McQueen.

What next though, how would you launch a rocket into space, how would you raise the Titanic, or perhaps how would you find a Brit that can win Wmbledon?

Thanks (I think) to the BBC HYS team.

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