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Alarm-a-geddon as iPhones fail to wake up Europe

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Has anyone calculated the cost to the economy of the iPhone’s Alarm/British Summer Time bug?

Thanks to a bug in the iPhone Software, while the clock was automatically altered over the weekend to put the clocks back, any repeating alarms on the phone were never changes. So all over the country, the iPhones rewarded their owners with an extra hour in bed… by mistake.

The error was picked up in Australia as their clocks go back earlier than here in the UK, but although a bug fix was promised, nothing had been updated in the iPhone software.

Will it be fixed in time for the US clock change? Time will tell (and sorry about the pun).

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How to Rick Roll your Tutor in five hours

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Hats off to Mayniac182 on Reddit for submitting the lyrics to Never Gonna Give You Up in his college paper.

Now it was a little bit more than a cut and paste, with some creative formatting, he managed to have the lyrics appear as the first word on every line of the page.

That takes dedication.

Yes the language had to be a touch stilted to make it work, but this goes down as a win for creativity. Or sadness. You decide.

Hat tip to Jack Scoresby.

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Show me the colour of your website

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Where does the #880000 of The Daily Dust sit in the Web 2.0 Palette?

What happens when you take the logos of the Top 100 websites and analyse the colours used? Is there a key to success in the shades used by the artwork team? That’s what Colour Lovers set out to discover.

Blue and red.

That’s the main colour of the web. There’s a reason that Facebook went with blue ("I’m colour blind, it’s the only colour I can see.” says owner Mark Zuckerberg), but as for the others it turns out that because the big boys are blue and red, all the copycats tend too pick up the same colour.

Does that explain Yahoo’s mixing of blue and red to get purple?

The question is whether blue and red will dominate the trends of the next few years, or if an upstart website will capture the spirit of others and inspire a green revolution?

More at Colour Lovers.

PS as for us? We wanted to be like the Red Top tabloids…

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Why Alec Guinness really is Mark Zuckerberg

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A very white hat is doffed towards Kevin Marks for his look at the Facebook biopic “The Social Network.”

Now that Marks has mentioned it, the relationship between Aaron Sorkin’s new film and “The Man In The White Suit” and Guinness’ inventor make a lot more sense:

Both films capture the ascetic geek intensity and focus well, but Sorkin and Fincher want to tear it down, whereas MacDougal and MacKendrick see the Innovators Dilemma clearly 45 years before Christensen did. As Lessig says, The Social Network portrays a legal system that preys on invention, not supporting it; the Man in the White Suit has the inventor’s notebooks establishing rights that he needs to be paid for.

Of course it’s the film from the fifties that correctly handles the unique dimension that a woman can bring to a start-up or new business, and not the modern 21st Century portrayal.

Fancy that. Marks’ full thoughts are at his blog.

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Circle the dates and get your geek on

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Looking for a new calendar for 2011? Then how about the Geek Calendar, by geeks and for geeks.

In their words “The Geek Calendar is a celebration of the nerdishness of contemporary British life. It’s also a project to raise money for libel reform.”

See if you can spot Professor Brian Cox, Jonathan Ross (looking a bit like Vincent Price to be honest), Imran Khan, Adam Rutherford, Ben Goldacre, Alexs Krotowski and more throughout next year.

Next up, you can ask why it seems to have 20 geeks in it, filling up the months – all I can think up is twelve pennies (original months) to the shilling, and twenty shillings (geek months) to the year (pound). I could be wrong though, given it has fourteen months…

Order your calendar at

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Will London have its very first super swarm?

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Foursquare fans flock to Jewel Bar to try and score a coveted “250” badge in the smartphone game.

It’s never been done before, so why not do it now – which in our minds here at T’Dust is a perfectly good reason. What’s never been done? Foursquare awarding a Super Swarm Badge in the UK.

The badge is awarded by the location based game Foursqaure, which runs on your mobile phone allowing you to check in to places you are at to compete to be the mayor of each place, and also to earn badges for special tasks and challenges.

One of the badges is the Super Swarm, awarded to all the people at a location… if there are 250 Foursquare playing people at that venue. As Londonist points out, that’s never happened in the UK… yet.

So if you’re badge collecting in Foursquare, get yourself down to the Jewel bar on the 7th October, start counting, and cross your fingers!


Could this be yours?

The fun kicks off at Londonist, picture by Dennis Dude-K (Flickr)

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