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The Legendary Chortle Guide to Fringe Comedy Review

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Can you decode the mystery phrases in an Edinburgh Fringe review? Here’s some help!

Having fun at the Edinburgh Fringe? Top UK Comedy site Chortle has picked out key phrases and words for you to watch out for in the national press and theatrical media when describing the comedy on offer.

Whet your appetite with these:

Edgy: A comedian who swears a lot.

Ground-breaking: A comedian who swears a lot and makes jokes about paedophilia.

Pushes the boundaries: A comedian who swears a lot and makes jokes about paedophilia AND rape.

A comedian’s comedian: Someone who doesn’t make audiences laugh but other comedians find hilarious because of the awkwardness of them alienating the punters.

Rising star: Has a parent who works in the business.

…and my personal favourite:

As seen on "Mock the Week": Not a woman.

The full list of definitions can be found on Chortle, picture by Jason Perkins.

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Has Michael Schumacher proved he’s The Stig by attacking Rubens Barrichello?

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We told you Barrichello was a marked man! Maybe Michael Schumacher trying to take him out at the Hungarian Grand Prix means he really is The Stig? Still, what does the internet think?

Well they’ve decided that Schumacher is the root of all evil, and Twitter has been listing his evil-ness since the incident at the Hungaroring. We’ve lifted out some of the best!

Some say he invented IE6

Michael Schumacher invented NatWest.

Michael Schumacher slips gherkins in everyone’s burgers when they’re not looking.

Michael Schumacher eats your last chocolate chip cookie

Michael Schumacher is a PC, and Windows 7 was his idea.

Michael Schumacher introduced the Grey Squirrel to the British Isles

Michael Schumacher swapped Cheryl Coles malaria tablets for tictacs

Michael Schumacher redesigned the Daleks in the last series of Doctor Who

Michael Schumacher turned Opal Fruits into Starburst

And one last thought from the team that started it all…

Crikey, the #schubastard tag seems to have been adopted with gusto. Did you know he always tips restaurant staff 2%?

Do you Dust’ers have any more?

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Have you ever heard such language?

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Top 100 insults

The 100 greatest movie insults of all time.

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The Top Germany v England Videos

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Ahead of Sunday’s vital match, it’s time to see what support the internet has for this classic fixture.

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Top McDonalds Happy Meal Toys

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Is it time to look back at the life of the Happy Meal toy?

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Top Ten International Hangover Cures

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So you’ve woken up with a throbbing head and a mouth that tastes like the bottom of a chicken coop?

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