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The markets are plunging, jobs are lost, the UK is in trouble..Fear not Dusters, we can certainly help you get through the weekend..for free..

  1. Look at online porn – less embarrasing than buying it and of course, is free.
  2. Walk to the pub – petrol and trains are free.
  3. Forget your wallet, try the old “I forgot my wallet, can you get me a pint, i’ll buy you one next time” (of course, they’ll have forgotton next time).
  4. Look in bins outside high street stores after closing – grab free food such as sandwiches (just ten mins out of date).
  5. Watch the football online – free – turn off Sky and Setanta..we have the links..
  6. Only use skype to skype – don’t use your mobile or home phone.
  7. Wait for your neighbour to get in his/her car, simply leave the house at the same and fake that your car is not working, cadge a lift – anywhere.
  8. Ditch the gym – run around the streets – burn off that fat for free and not pay to.
  9. No takeaway – grab left over meat and knock up a killer curry with all the spices and kits you have in your cupboard.
  10. Sleep all weekend, far easier than above..

Any thoughts?

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