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Have an iPhone 3G?  Here are the top seven fails according to us..We happen to own a fair few phones here at The Daily Dust and are always happy to try out new tech stuff.  From Blackberry Pearls to Nokia N95′s we have had our hands on most – but of all, the one that is most disappointing is the iPhone 3G – it could be so good..Here are our top seven fails on the iPhone 3G:-

1.  Bad for telephone (hmm wasn’t that supposed to be the point?) – call quality is nowhere near as good as the other phones,  we have had dropped calls, poor signal and sometimes lack of two way conversation issues. 

2.  No copy/paste – No, none.

3.  Searching contacts with larger than average fingers – ie an adults hand – teeny letters to tap on, hit or miss.

4.  Short battery life – don’t even think about using 3G

5.  No video camera – Just a standard camera..

6.  No MMS – wtf?

7.  No landscape view for emails – we’ve got it everywhere else..


Can you think of any more important?


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  1. Kevin Ipod’s are a great cockle magnet


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