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Vampires are fascinating creatures. They need human blood to survive and can make us their slaves. In such a scenerio, The Daily Dust have put together a list of vampires who we would most like to donate our blood to.

6. Ingrid Pitt

Much to our benefits, Ingrid Pitt landed a role in the 1971 film Countess Dracula. Ingrid plays a scantily clad vampire who slays young virgins to keep her self young and supple. A worthy cause.

5. Leonor Varela

Blade II is full of vampires the competition for hottest vampire was fierce. However, Nyssa, a sexy fighting vampire played by the hot Chilean actress Leonor Varela took the crown.

4. Monica Belluci

In the 1992 film, Bram Stoker?s Dracula, Dracula has three brides. His first was played by the gorgeous Monica Belluci who stole the scene, even with two other very sexy vampires

3. Salma Hayek

IN From Dusk Till Dawn , Salma Hayek brings a vampire infested strip club to a boil with her incredible dance with a big snake. One of the sexiest scenes in cinema ever.

2. Aaliyah

The late Aaliyah played the seriously sexy vampire, Akasha, the queen of the damned.

1. Kate Beckinsale

In the 2003 film Underworld , Kate Beckinsale showed us to match sexy with horror and action, playing Selene and dressed in skin-tight black, she had to win.

Let us know in the comments below if we have missed any hot vampires.


  1. Boooo! Aaliyah was sooooo much sexier than Kate Beckinsale. Aaliyah has some seriously seductive belly dancing and showed so much more skin. Kate just happened to wear the pleather (or latex?) body suit. The innocent, yet responsible character and acting that Kate had didn’t hold a match to Aaliyah’s power drunk, ruthless queen. Power is sexy…

  2. What about the two hotties from Van Helsing? And sorry, Kate is not hot and not #1. I think you made this list on popularity alone.

  3. this is the good action for thirsty girls so nice action release In the 1992 film, Bram Stoker?s Dracula, Dracula has three brides. His first was played by the gorgeous Monica Belluci who stole the scene, even with two other very sexy vampires

  4. Sorry but any list of sexy female vampires that doesn’t have Catherine Deneuve from The Hunger in the number one spot is no list at all.

  5. hi,
    i prefer Josie Maran in Van Helsing hehe

  6. I could not agree more with you #1 choice!

  7. Anne Parillaud in the Movie Innocent Blood.

  8. What, not Alyssa Milano!?

  9. Salma Hayek is no.1 by a long long shot.

  10. No mention of Grace Jones from Vamp.

    I assume that is because she is in a class all by herself.

  11. This guy is right – if you havent seen Catherine Deneuve in the “The Hunger” you need to go find that DVD right now. I like Aaliyah, Kate and Monica but there’s no contest here

  12. Are you really serious how could you leave Kristanna Loken from BloodRayne off this list I know the movie sucks but this is about sexy vampires and oh god is she sexy poor choices all around.

  13. I still think Gena Davis’ character in Transylvania 6-5000 was HOT!

  14. Great work. Your list is great. It has a few that left I off the list I did about a week ago:

  15. Oh heck yeah dude you picked some great ones! Nice!


  16. What about Mathilda May from LifeForce?

  17. Your like a squirrel in winter if you don’t think Kate was hot. You must have been looking at the guys or something when she was on. Skin shots would have been nice but come on, she is HOT. Conclusion to the squirrel part, you got not NUTS.

  18. Where are the sexy GUY vampires!!?

    Antonio Banderas (Armand, Interview with the Vampire)
    Brad Pitt (Louis, Interview with the Vampire)
    Gary Oldman (Dracula, Bram Stoker’s Dracula)

  19. Have to agree with #1 and utterly disagree with Mike D. Skin does not make one sexy. Strutting around like you are horny does not make one sexy. It displays that you may want sex, but that is different from sexy. Sexy is less about sex and more about seductivity, coyness…the fact that she is unatainable.

    Some foxy hottie laying there legs splayed is FAR less sexy than another woman, maybe a little lower on the 1-10 scale, but more alluring, tantalizing…

    Of course, this is the good ol’ USA. So I am pretty sure that if I stick a watermelon in my shirt and throw some lipstick on, as long as I am wearing a short skirt and making pouty lips, I am a candidate for the list.

  20. What?! No Anne Parillaud from “Innocent Blood”? Sexiest vampire ever, and not only because of the French accent.

  21. What about male vampires? Dont get me wrong, vampiresses are just as hot but id like a shirtless Lestat action please.

    Great idea for a thread btw!

  22. Wow! No one has mentioned Angie Everhart from Tales From The Crypt’s Bordello of Blood?! This is a hot vampire:

  23. What about Roseanne Barr in She-Devil! Oh wait, that just plain sucked…

  24. Wrong. Kate wins hands down.

  25. Oh yeah,

    KB had to win.

    And she’s tough. The female lead who can kick physical butt needs to be around more.

    Of note- I’d fancy being a werewolf more, but against my preferred species she still won me over.


    Lastly- watch her in “Serendipity.” Another fantastic movie with the charmingly neurotic John Cusack.

  26. Anne P. from innocent blood is my #1.

  27. I think both are hot, but both Underworld movies were far better than Queen of the Damned. That movie was soooo cheesy.

    By the way, True Blood on HBO is horrible. I watched a couple episodes and was appalled by the horrible acting.

  28. Elvira! It’s slightly dated, but she would be in the middle of this list, for sure…

  29. Any list of sexy female vampires that doesn’t include Soledad Miranda is incomplete.

  30. May from Near Dark deserves an honorable mention.

  31. I agree definitely

  32. Wouldn’t admit this in person but I’ve always had a quiet thing for hot vampires.. Kate Beckinsale rocked in Underworld.

  33. lol, no. Monica Bellucci for #1, hands down. She just embodies sexy.

  34. Queen of the Damned was a waste of film, Aaliyah was a waste of space, and Kate Beckinsdale in the #1 spot is a no brainer…like you.

  35. Guys, guys, guys…..
    I will say this only once-

    JeriRyan in Dracula 2000.

  36. Sexiest vampire ever: Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen from Twilight. No doubt.

  37. What about Maggie Cheung in “Irma Vep” ?

  38. I’ve also got to disagree with the pick for #1. Kate is hot but as far as vampire girls go, that list is longer than Bond girls and she is not better looking than alot of the horrible acting yet extremely hot women who have played a vampire over the years. My question is, why is it that when Ingrid Pitt is on these lists they always refer to Countess Dracula when that is one of the few movies she doesn’t actually play a vampire (Bathory was a psycho, not a vampire). She probably should be number one just for the fact that she makes people somehow forget that little tidbit. The first picture is from Vampire Lovers and the second picture is from “The House that Dripped Blood” both movies where she does play a vampire.

  39. Ingrid Pitt hands down. thats an old hammer house of horror film. her name is camilla in the film. i would
    fuk her for sure

  40. the lesbian vampire wins for sure…Ingrid Pitt

  41. I agree. Ingrid wins by a LONG shot. She’s gorgeous and exotic and seductive and when she speaks or does anything or even just stands there you want to take her right there.

  42. You’re wrong.

  43. What about the super hot guy who play’s Drake on Blade III? or the Guy who plays Dracula in the movie Vanhelsing? Even for an old guy he’s pretty cute!

  44. You forgot to mention Marishka (I believe is her name…), from Van Helsing…the red haired Vampire. She was gorgeous.


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