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Who would be in your top ten?

Like a fine wine, some women just get better with age. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest women over 40 who still give their younger counterparts a run for their money.

10. Elle MacPherson, 44.

Nicknamed “the body” in her modeling days, now a business woman and Director of a surfwear company called Hot Tuna. The first supermodel to have postage stamps made using her image. Divorced and recently single and looking for Mr Right..

9. Teri Hatcher, 43.

Rose to fame in the New Adventures of Superman, playing Lois Lane. Now plays Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives and won a golden globe for that role. Also divorced and single.

8. Pamela Anderson, 41.

Found fame playing the part as CJ in Baywatch, being a playboy model and of course that video with Tommy Lee. Married three times, may be single when this reached the press, could be back with any number of rocker-ex boyfriends or husbands.

7. Kim Cattrall, 52.

Brit born actress has been in many movies, most famous for her role as Samantha in Sex and The City and appearances in the Police Academy series. Married three times and wrote a book about orgasms with an ex-husband. Currently single.

6. Elizabeth Hurley, 43.

More famous for dating Hugh Grant and wearing THAT dress. Just make sure you don’t watch her movies or it might detract from this foxy English rose. Married to Arun Nayar, still.

5. Sharon Stone, 50.

Actress that has showed more than most. Basic Instinct being the film that made her an A-List celebrity, not forgetting the scene with the uncrossing of legs. Has hinted a being bisexual on many occasions, is now divorced and single.

4. Michelle Pfeiffer, 50.

Perhaps her sexiest role was that of Catwoman in the film Batman returns, her least remembered role was in Grease 2. Married twice, and still married to the creator of Ally McBeal, David Kelley.

3. Kylie Minogue, 40.

The singer and actress first shot to fame in Neighbours and reached global fame with the song “can’t get you out of my head”. Had breast cancer and took a year off to recover. Famously dated Michael Hutchence, is now however, single and looking for Mr Right and have babies.

2. Halle Berry, 42.

Been gracing our screens in a wide range of movies, a firm favourite and too many sexy roles to mention here, apart from maybe that Bond scene on the beach. Married twice, divorced twice, now happy with a guy ten years her junior and the father of her child. Said to be happy and planning a second child.

1. Monica Belucci, 44.

Many films in many languages, was in two of the Matrix films, recently said “I love the idea that when a man pays to see one of my films, he’s paying me to feel pleasure. That’s good enough for us to get her to the number 1 spot. She is married.

Did we miss anyone in your opinion?? If so, let us know in the comments.


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  1. They’re all so young ……….

  2. No Diane Lane? Buried.

  3. Nice list – I’d put Nicole Kidman on too

  4. Really, no Bea Arthur? This is an sweet top ten list. You should post this list on my buddy’s site

  5. If you think your wife will praise you for this posting, I think you will be sadly disappointed. :)

  6. Well … she did! :-)

    Always keep in mind two things about older women: they’re not only great, but also grateful!

  7. This is a stupid, ridiculous list. Where the heck is SALMA HAYEK. Salma should be number one. She is by far the sexiest woman on the planet at 42 years of age.

  8. where is MADONNA???

  9. Yaki, I think her exclusion has made the point ;-)

  10. good one

  11. Excuse me?? You forgot the sexiest one out there!! Marg Helgenberger from CSI by far tops my list @ # 1!!! You also forgot Marcia Cross and Diane Lane, Annette Benning too & Felicity Huffman!!!! And What’s up with Michelle Pfeiffer??!! Not so much on her!!! And Pamela Anderson is too hot what happened to plain ol’ natural beauty?!!?!?

  12. cheryl ladd

  13. Monica Belluci is very average looking. Dime a dozen italian pasta fed look.

  14. man yall forgot constance marie way hotte than like 5+ of the people up there

  15. susanna hoffs

  16. GONG LI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Is Jennifer Aniston 40 yet???

  18. Really nice

  19. Courteney, Cox, Calista Flockhart, Brooke Shields, Helena Bonham Carter, Julianna Margulies, Nicole Kidman, Jane Krakowski, Naomi Watts, Erika Eleniak

    Catherine Zeta-Jones turns 40 in Sept 2009.

  20. You almost got it right, except Halle Berry belongs in the top spot.

  21. Pam Anderson?
    Have you seen her recently. Everything about her is fake.
    She is attractive and sexy NOT!

  22. ok

  23. so lovely

  24. Demi Moore … Courteney Cox … Nicole Kidman … Salma Hayek … SJP …
    There are more sexy women over forty than under 40 these days!!

  25. Christy Brinkley

  26. lol


  28. I thought the list was spot on

  29. you forgot sandra bullock………i believe she should be in the top 10

  30. Elizabeth Hurley, 43.

    More famous for dating Hugh Grant and wearing THAT dress. Just make sure you don’t watch her movies or it might detract from this foxy English rose.
    Married to Arun Nayar, still. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  31. Catherine Fulop…google her…44-year old and hotter than ever !!!

  32. Amanda Tapping is beautiful, in my opinion. I’m not sure her exact age but I am pretty sure it is over 40…

  33. I LIKE YOU

  34. How many of these 40+ celebs, or for that matter those of any age, look good shuffling around the house in their fluffy slippers, towelling gown and bed head. That ‘s the litmus test of babeliciousness. That aside those that look good to me without obvious truckloads of slap…
    Kirsty Young – born 1968, sexiest voice on UK TV and quick witted as well
    Ronni Ancona – another hot Scots babe born in ’68 who also has a personality
    Michelle Pfeiffer – still a corker at 50+

  35. She doesn’t have many roles these days but Shannon Tweed is still strikingly beautiful.

  36. Uma Thurman

  37. Wow.. i think they;re all pretty special.. !

  38. they are all FABULOUS!!

  39. more……Cher , tina turner , courtney cox , holly robinson-peete , shania twain, Iman, demi moore , janet jackson , stacy dash , nia long , heather thomas , uma , both vanessa williams , madonna, pam grier, sofia loren , salma hayek , angela bassett


  41. Good List. Came across you whilst looking for Ronni Acona. Salma Hayek Is something else, as so many seem to agree. Take a leap further, if Sophia Loren walked into the room today, every had would turn, but at her age that’s just kinky.


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