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With the news that Top of the Pops is set for a comeback on the BBC, we take a look at the most annoying one-hit wonders ever to grace the UK charts.

“Macarena” by Los Del Rio

The “Macarena” craze swept through the nation and filled Fathers up and down the countrywith the misguided notion that somehow dancing to this tripe at your cousins wedding was acceptable. It isn’t. Ever.

“Informer” by Snow

This little ditty inspired people the length and bredth of the UK to ask, “Huh…-what’s he saying?” Despite being the fastest rapper alive we still managed to make out some of what he was saying – and it was garbage.

“Babycakes” by 3 Of A Kind

Even the usually redeeming feature of scantily clad women in the video failed to save this song. Makes you want to tear your ears off and repeatedly stamp on them just in case they are still working.

“Birdie Song (The Birdie Dance)” by The Tweets

It takes a special song to make you think that death would be preferable to ever having to listen to it again, but the Birdie Song somehow manages it.

“Achy Breaky Heart” by Billy Ray Cyrus

People across the country decided to take up line dancing after the release of Achy Breaky Heart before giving it up again a few weeks later as they realised they weren’t actually in good ‘ol Texas, but were in a community centre in Scunthorpe.

“Shaddap You Face” by Joe Dolce Music Theatre

The song asked “…why you look-a so sad?”. Hmm, maybe we all look so sad because your novelty pop and lazy national stereotyping didn’t exactly put us in the cheeriest of moods today.

“Just Say No” by Grange Hill Cast

If you like to listen to a bunch of fictional school kids tell you how bad drugs are then this is the song for you.

Have we left out any other shocking one hit wonders? Leave your suggestions below.

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  1. BIlly Ray Cyrus as a one hit wonder? Have you seen how many albums and hiots in the US Country charts he’s had? Anyway without Billy Ray we wouldn;t have had his daughter, Milley Cyrus.

    Oh and Joe Dolce? That’s the song that held Ultravox’s Vienna off the top spot for weeks int he charts and meant Midge’s best song never got a Number One Moniker. For that alone it should be the top one hit travesty.!

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