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Some really unique ways to fund the BBC.

Here at The Daily Dust we’re pretty worried about the news that every computer in the UK will shortly need a TV Licence, so we started wondering what alternatives there are in the 21st Century.

Login at Home

Every licence comes with a username and password so that you can log in and watch when you are outside the UK.

Login Abroad

If you live abroad, you can still pay and get your username.

Make Ross and Brand Pay

Start a swear box for presenters, £10 for every naughty word they say on air, £50 for every offensive phone call in the eyes of the typical Daily Mail reader, and £250 if they say something nice about the Conservative Party.

Pay as you Watch

Start a 24 hour pass, pro rated that’s only 38p per day.

The Sergeant Gambit

Allow viewers to deduct the cost of any ‘phone vote’ call or SMS from your licence fee. Why should you pay twice?

Make Us All Pay By Stealth Taxes

Scrap the licence fee altogether and have central government add 0.1% onto income tax instead. You could call it watch as you work!

Bandwidth Blues

Pay for the bandwidth you use. If the iPlayer is that crippling to BT. Virgin and the Internet Providers then people should pay a little bit extra to recompense the BBC for having the audacity to use so much of the UK’s bandwidth.

Hug a Hacker

Provide Bittorrent files on the BBC Web Site. The world already rips, converts and posts HD quality video files the second Top Gear and Doctor Who finish, why not make it official? A flat fee of £1 per series could raise millions from around the world.

The BBC is The Real Thing

Everyone at the BBC is only allowed to be paid the minimum wage from the licence fee. If they want more, then they’ll need to ask Coca-Cola nicely to sponsor all the red tinted channel idents.

Save The Public From A Fate Worse Than Death

Destroy every copy of that scene from Only Fools and Horses where Del Boy falls behind the bar and Trigger can’t find him. I’d pay good money to never see that clip again.

Have you got any ideas on what the BBC could do? Let us know.

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  1. I don’t watch television except at other addresses and never cease to be amazed at how banal it has become.
    Here are some money saving ideas for the BBC. Sack Ross and Brand, retire Wogan as these people are too expensive. It should be quite easy to find people who talk rubbish and are fluent with the F word as there are millions of people like that. No need to pay £6,000,000 contracts. Regarding Mr Wogan, a few weeks ago he sang along, out of tune, over a record that I would have otherwise enjoyed. (Radio 2 occassionaly used on my alarm-clock radio). Yes I know its all about Needle Time but there are lots of people who would be very glad to sing badly for a lot less money. Just trawl a few Karaoke bars and pubs. BBC top management is also dismal as a previous DG sold the transmitter network! At many transmitting stations third parties (phone and pager companies etc) pay rent to keep equipment and aerials on the tower. (Allegedly years and years ago one transmitting station had 80 third party users all paying £3000 per annum) Daft to turn ones back on business like that but the DG said ground based transmitters were obsolete as soon everything would be done by satellite. Booze ups and breweries comes to mind as he should have asked the engineers. Trouble is politician types with their huge salaries think they know it all but they don’t!

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