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Who’s the best wrapped celebrity at this festive time of year?

Christmas parties are the time of year for everyone to dress up, and that invariably means lots of red velvet edged with white fur. it’s an easy look, but one that celebrities seem to shy away from. But never fear, The Daily Dust is here to find you the best Santa Celebs around.

Lindsay Lohan

The teen temptress may have gone off the rails in the last few years, but wrappes herself up nicely in the requisite little red number here, with just the right amount of white fur during “Mean Girls.” All she needs is one good Christmas film and she;ll back back snuggling up to the nation.

Girls Aloud

Not exactly the full regalia, but there’s enough red and white in the picture to more than make up for it. And frankly, the can be wrapped in anything if they’re under our Christmas tree.

Mariah Carey

The obvious picture is the delightful cover to here Christmas smash, “I Don’t Want A Lot (For Christmas)” but she’s a flexible lass, so we kept on looking wondering if something else would make itself ready for some Christmas wrapping.

Dawn French

Christmas of course is also a time for the church, and many in this fine land could think of nothing better than a roll in the hay with Dawn French, here ready to take on the spirit of Christmas as the gorgeous Vicar of Dibley.

Jenny McCarthy

Not one to let her victory at The Razzies in 2005 (for worst picture in Dirty Love), McCarthy put her best front forward and has bounced back. Her ABC Christmas movie, Santa Baby, captures everything we love about her, especially at this time of year.

Father Ted Crilley

Christmas may be a time for sexy underwear, but the last thing you need is to be trapped in the department store trying to choose something lacy, small, and the correct size. It would be worse if you were leading a day out for all the Church ministers in your area. So while he’s not conventionally sexy, points go to Father Ted for his exploration in the first Christmas special in the TV show of the same name.

Kylie Minogue

The Australlian temptress is big in Britain, even for her five foot high stature. She rocked last Christmas as the companion in Doctor Who’s Christmas Special, but a few years before that an electrifying performance of “Santa Baby” was the Christmas cheer on order.

Vera Ellen

You’ll probably recognise her as Danny Kaye’s partner-in-matchmaking from “White Christmas,” but was known as one of the great dance partners in Hollywood, with both Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly dancing opposite her on many occasion – but it was cheek to cheek with Kaye that kept her in the spotlight in one of the most fashionable Christmas outfits on screen.


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Billy Mack’s Guitarist

There’s something subversive about taking the schmaltzy “Love is All Around,” and cynically reworking it into “Christmas is all Around.” And while it was just a plot in the film Love Actually, it did get a release, and a Christmas video straight out the Robert Palmer play book. That’s fine by us.

We’re sure we missed some of your favourites, so let us know who’d be under your tree stacking the presents come Thursday!

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