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What’s caught your eye in the last week?

There’s no doubt what the big news on The Daily Dust was last week – the same news everywhere in the UK. Who was going to be the new Doctor? But with other reality shows in the air, could the 40 year old Sci-Fi series still lead the way? (err… yes).

Who’s Going To be Who Tonight?

We put our cards on the table and tipped Chiwetel Eijofor as the eleventh Doctor, but warned it might be Matt Smith. So we’ll call that a victory in the history books.

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Who is Matt Smith

And one the news was announced, you all wanted to know a bit more about the dashing young actor who’ll be taking over from Tennant in the Tardis.

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Teenage Entrepreneur Lights Up Internet

The story of Scott Campbell, the 13 year old who’s started tartan tinged social network is proving to be inspiring for many. At least we here at The Daily Dust didn’t have to ask our Mums before launching the site, or staying out late for a launch party.

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They’re Here… UFO Strikes Wind Turbine

Lights in the sky, missing turbine blades, and a ball of light with tentacles reaching to the ground. The residents of Conisholme were left mystified as to what attacked their wind farm.

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Liveblog: Celebrity Big Brother Launch

Our coverage of the 11 celebrities heading into the Big Brother house saw many of you join us for ongoing commentary and generally bitchy comments at the ego’s heading into the house – and to see Verne Troyer’s little side door so he could avoid the steps.

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