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Last week’s top stories on The Daily Dust…

We know The Daily Dust is packed with the best good news in the UK every day, but what’s really been making you smile in the last week? Let’s find out with our Top 5 Good News Stories:

Pete Ashton Is The UK’s Worst Blogger

You all loved the tale of our Brummie hero campaigning for last place while Created in Birmginham and The Spectator duked it out for Best British Blog. Pete ‘won,’ he’s happy, and you all smiled a lot.

Read the story here.

Derren Brown’s Evening of Wonders

Hundreds of year ago we would have burned him at the stake, but now we just look on in awe and wonder at the skills of Derren Brown and his ability to captivate, amaze and just be downright scary.

Read the story here.

Murray Not Phased by Federer’s Comments

He’s potentially the best tennis player of 2009, and the mind games from previous number one Federer haven’t put off the Scottish tennis player Andy Murray.

Read the story here.

Free Coffee With Your Doughnuts.

With Barack Obama to be inaugurated as the 44th President tomorrow, last week saw Krispy Kreme offer free Americano coffee in celebration. You all lapped that one up!

Read the story here.

Minder is Back, with Archie not Arthur

Not sure if this is good or bad, but it’s certainly raising an eyebrow… not only the idea of Shane Ritchie being the dodgy dealing Daley, but the reworked theme tune lacks a certain… Waterman like touch!

Read the story here.

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