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Which Twitter celebrities would you like to be stuck in a lift with?

Last night Stephen Fry set the social networking site Twitter alight with news that he was stuck in a lift. So here at the Daily Dust wondered, with so many new celebrities joining the site, who would be the best Twitter celebs to be stuck in a lift with?

Russell Brand (@rustyrockets)

We hear Russell likes making phone calls, so perhaps he could be the nominated one to call the engineers about having it away with their granddaughters fixing the lift. Plus he has the added advantage of being quite ridiculously thin, meaning more room for everyone else in the lift.

Jonathan Ross (@wossy)

“Shamed” chat show host Jonathan would no doubt have some interesting stories to tell. He may even bring along some comics for you all to read while you’re waiting. But don’t let him on the phone to the engineers, or you’ll never get out of there.

Britney Spears (@britneyspears)

She could charm us with her intelligent conversation about world politics and share her ideas for how we cope with the current financial crisis. And maybe she could even sing – oh wait, that would have to be live yeah?…um…

President Barack Obama (@BarackObama)

May be a little anxious to get back to running the worlds biggest super power, but he could probably take the time to send a few emails from his blackberry. Oh and he’d certainly keep everyone positive. “Can we get out of here? Yes we can!”

Michael Phelps (@Michael_Phelps)

With the superhuman strength of a multi-gold-medal-winning swimmer, he could probably pull open the doors and get everyone out. On the other hand, he may just stand in the corner smoking a joint

Jenna Haze (@jenxstudios)

Errm… we hear she has a near-average singing voice. Um…and she’s a whizz at origami! Oh and she might talk about her 2009 Award for Female Performer of the Year Award. We’re not sure if that was in the Oscars or the Golden Globes…

MC Hammer (@MCHammer)

With his tent-like trousers he could shelter everyone if it got cold in there. And now he is a preacher as well, he coupld probably put in a good word with the big man to get the lift started again.

Darth Vader (@darthvader)

He may get annoying with all the wheezing and insisting he’s your father and all that nonsense, but he’d have those lift doors open with a wave of his hand.

Did we miss anyone? Tell us in the comments!


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