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A poll reveals that those working in the housing business are hot property between the sheets, where truck drivers just can’t get into gear..

Estate Agents have sex four times a week – double the national average where truck drivers enjoy off-road manoeuvres less than twice a week..

In the top five, randy cabin crew came second, notching up sex three times a week, closely followed by lawyers, secretaries centre workers!!

Truckers head a list of jobs in which sex rarely happens – including librarians, nurses, teachers and those who work in customer services.., which carried out the poll of 3,000 adults, said: ”Despite the declining property market, estate agents are turning their cheeky chat and negotiating skills to other areas. With twice as much action between the sheets as other Brits, they’re not letting the pressures affect their sex lives.”

The lists:-

Top jobs for sex:

1. Estate agent

2. Cabin crew

3. Lawyer

4. Secretary

5. Call centre worker

Worst jobs for sex:

1. Lorry driver

2. Customer service rep

3. Nurse

4. Teacher

5. Librarian

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  1. More Good News : Top And Worst Jobs For Getting Sex:
    A poll reveals that those working in the h..

  2. Surely “Prostitute” must be up there? ;)

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