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Crossing the Road
We all do it every day, but how can you make your road-crossing an exciting and memorable experience? Why not look to the stars for the best way to cross the tarmac outside your office.

On My Head, Son (But Mind the Perm)

And you thought that the 70s advert with the Green Cross Code man was the perfect information advert in how to do it properly? Nope. Step forward (looking and listening) Mr Kevin Keegan.

Getting To The Other Side

Abbey Road

Probably the most famous road crossing picture is the Beatles album cover for Abbey Road. With rumours that Paul really was dead, his barefoot crossing the road, out of step with the rest of the band was a sign of his crossing over to the next life.

Too Orangy For Crows

Go on, you know you want to cross the road just like the famous Ki-ora advert – or at the very least sing this out through the office.



How can we forget life at the Crossroads Hotel (yes bad pun, it’s early, okay?) run by Meg Mortimer and brightening up the daytime schedules of the 70s?

Err, we can forget very easily, just like Jane Asher did in the final episode when she revealed it was all a dream. Yaay!

Crossroads (The Box Set)

And for getting through all those puns, let’s have a little reward… a chicken! Perhaps not, but Crossroads is also the name of the Eric Clapton box set of his greatest hits. Let’s just relax while we realise crossing the road can be painful, and listen to the lead track from that, with some very special guest stars. And Phil Collins.

Right then, we at The Daily Dust are expecting some good puns in the comments to build the list up. Join in!

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