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Alone on Feb 14th

Sometimes the world doesn’t revolve telling someone you love them. Sometimes all it takes is a Mars bar. Here’s how to celebrate the 14th on your own.

Have a Mars bar

Deep Fried Mars Bar

I don’t care what anyone says about new chocolate bars, but settling down, quietly in a room, with the mix of chocolate, nougat and caramel is gorgeous. Deep frying it should be left to the Scottish, though.

Listen to Iron Maiden’s “Live After Death”


It is the quintessential live album from one of the UK’s greatest bands. Fans will point to the newer Beast Over Hammersmith as the definitive recording but Live After Death deserves it’s place in the annals of rock history.

Get on Your Bike

Motorised Unicycle

Treat your body to a bit of gentle exercise on a bicycle. It’s more efficient than walking, it’s faster than public transport, and you’ll be doing yourself some good as well. When was the last time you explored your neighbourhood like you were nine?

Watch “Das Boot”

Das Boot

An entire crew of naval officers in World war II stuck on board a submarine, this is one of the best mini-series on war ever. Find the original German mini-series if you can, but the Director’s Cut should be in the local HMV stores.

Lie Back And Look At The Sky

Star Gazing

Whether it’s during the day to watch the clouds, or in the evening taking in the stars, moon and celestial objects, just switch off from your world and drink in the real world around and above you. Life is good.

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