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The Scottish English Border.

What music should the UK send to the rest of Europe to stop people wanting to live here?

As the US Border patrol starts distributing music to Mexican music stations extolling the virtues of not attempting to cross the border into the US, we at The Daily Dust wondered what classic hits would make people think twice about living in the UK.

The Pouges and Kirsty MacColl, The Fairytale of New York

Denied it’s first attempt at number one by The Pet Shop Boys (grumble…), the song with the line “you scumbag, you faggot” has become the best song in the universe, constantly re-entering the charts and having a much longer life than “Always on My Mind.” No matter what you do, if it’s honest the UK will love you for it.

Sheb Wooley, Purple People Eater

The UK took this novelty song to it’s heart and Jeremy Clarkson should be paying attention, because we all loved the one eyed one horned flying purple people eaters. Blind idiots on the other hand….

Dr Hook, When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman

The end of 1979 saw this classic hit from the Medicine Band announced as number one, ahead of the religious “One Day At A Time” by Lena Martel. unfortunately someone got it wrong and before Top of the Pops that week, Martell was returned to her almost rightful place. Thankfully Dr Hook scored the number one legitimately the following week, proving if you have a medical degree, we’ll work you in… somehow.

The Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin

Just because.

Men At Work, Down Under

They may have been a cheeky Aussie band, but they hold an amazing distinction in the UK charts. They are the only band to hold the top spot in the UK and the US at the same time, where the band is not from the UK or the US. Truly not anyone can come to Britain and make it big, but if you’ve got the confidence….

(Inspiration from BBC News, image by Graham Chandler).

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