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Top Lego Models

In honour of the news that 99% of architects played with Lego when they were younger (what no rounding error to make it every architect?) we at The Daily Dust wondered what the best Lego model sets were?

We sent brick-head Ewan Spence out on the hunt to find the five best things ever done in Lego. Let the disagreements commence.

The LL928 Galactic Cruiser

LL928 Galactic Cruiser

The grandaddy of the Lego Sapce set, you got a massive ship that could fly the universe, it had a built in garage and a little lunar rover for when it landed, and a remote radar outpost and landing pad that turned your bedroom into the Moon. There still is no finer Lego set than this one.

Inter City 7740 Train

Lego 7740 Inter City

Probably the set most sought after, and the second memorable set from the golden age in the early to mid eighties is the Intercity 7740 electric train. Not only was it a train set, but you could break it apart, rebuild it as a steam engine, and make the greatest mess of the rails since Lord Beeching.

The Lego Office Table

Lego Desk

Eric Harshbarger is a professional Lego artist, but the commission in 2000 for a desk made of Lego is the one I always remember. Here’s how he described it:

In April of 2000 while on a business trip I received a near-frantic email from someone with an unusual request. It seems that she represented a fellow with a company in Seattle (no, NOT Microsoft). Turns out that last September this guy was hired, and in his contract of employment it stipulated that he wanted a desk made out of LEGO.  The hiring company evidently really wanted to hire this guy because their Human Resources department didn’t scoff at the idea.

Oops. Well it only took 35,000 pieces and weighs 120lbs.

The Millenium Falcon

This… just… rocks… (as does the video)

Reasonably Clever’s Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Lego FSM

Not quite a Lego set in the conventional set, but Chris Doyle has a huge amount of Flash based Lego tools on his site, including The Brick House comic, the Mini-mizer, and this massive tribute that is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which you really should explore.

(Inspired by The Mirror).

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  1. The church is the best.

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