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Eddie Jordan

Now Ross Brawn has his own F1 team, with his name on it, he follows a long line of team owner racing under their own name.

Naming your Formula 1 team can sometimes be difficult. Colin Chapman decided Lotus sounded quite nice, and Tony Vandervell went with the more British sounding Vanwall. but there are an elite number who just went with their own name. As Ross Brawn joins that group, we at The Daily Dust have decided to look back at the great Formula 1 teams that shared their name with their owners.


Ken Tyrrell

With one constructors championship, and three drivers championship (through Jackie Stewart), Ken Tyrrell’s team was quintessentially British through the 60s and 70s, progressing from Formula 3 and 2 before reaching the top level with a mix of home-grown and bought chassis and the amazing Cosworth DFV engine. Sadly he sold the team in 1997, and it was passed to British American Racing, which then became Honda, and is now Brawn GP.


Enzo Ferrari

Probably the most recognisable name in motoring, let alone Formula 1, Enzo Ferrari’s team was built from the dreams of the ten year old Enzo and his brother Dino racing around the streets of Bologna. From childhood passion, to ruling the world, the mystique of Ferrari is rarely rivalled.


Bruce McLaren

British? Well they are now, but Australian (UPDATED – See Comments!) New Zealander Bruce McLaren wanted to race his own cars, and set up the team in 1963, starting a long and continued successful fixture of F1. Merging with Ron Dennis’ Project Four Racing in 1980, the team continue to remember Bruce (who died testing cars in 1970), running their prototype cars in his favourite Orange colour.


Frank Williams

After Davros and Stephen Hawking, is Frank Williams one of the best Brits who use a wheelchair? Probably. And while the Williams F1 team might be in a fallow period, they’ve been around since the mid seventies, and were one of the dominant teams in the 80s and 90s, giving both Damon Hill and Nigel Mansell drivers championships. F1 wouldn’t feel the same if Frank wasn’t there.


Giancarlo Minardi

Every racing series needs the team with heart. in Disney movies they invariably win, but F1 isn’t a movie (cough… Driven). Nevertheless Minardi is fondly remembered as the team that celebrated every precious points they scored as if they had one the championship. Giancarlo Minardi saw his team run in F1 in 1984 after many years in F2, and while they never won a race, they won over everyone.

And they had the best coffee machine in the pitlane.


Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan, the Irishman who wanted to race, and probably the last ‘privateer’ who started a team on his own, without help from a car manufacturer. And didn’t he do well, with victories at Spa and an overall third place in the championship their best year. Sold on in 2005, Jordan is now joining the BBC commentary team, while the racing passed through the hands of MF1 and Spyker to now be on the grid as Force India F1.

UPDATE – We incorrectly stated Bruce McLaren was an Australian, of course he was a Kiwi.  Also we omitted Brabham too, who was founded in 1960 by Jack Brabham.  Jack Brabham’s 1966 drivers’ championship remains the only victory by a car bearing the driver’s own name.


  1. Bruce Mclaren was from New Zealand …….. NOT Australia

  2. On behalf of all Kiwis, I think I should point out that Bruce McLaren was NOT Australian but from New Zealand.

  3. Bruce McLaren was a Kiwi – go New Zealand!

  4. Bruce McLaren was a Kiwi!

  5. Can’t believe you left off Brabham Racing – the only team that won the championship with a driver who had the team named after him…

  6. Bruce McLaren was from New Zealand, not Australia.

  7. Bruce McLaren is a kiwi. not australian

  8. Mclaren was a kiwi, but we’re happy to claim another kiwi as our own.

  9. Bruce Mclaren was a New Zealander:

  10. Ever heard of Brabham or Cooper, Ewan? Both more successful than either Jordan or Minardi. Oh, and Bruce McLaren was a New Zealander, not Australian.

    Maybe spend 5 minutes researching your article next time…..

  11. Bruce McLaren was from New Zealand. Australia pffft

  12. Bruce McLaren is not an Aussie.

    You don’t want a crowd of angry Kiwi petrol heads after you.

  13. Nice little post – but just one thing: Bruce McLaren is not Australian. He’s a New Zealander. By all means Australia can have Russel Crowe, but let’s not get carried away and give them Bruce McLaren too.

  14. Bruce McLaren was a New Zealander, not an Australian.

  15. Bruce McLaren was a Kiwi not an Australian.

  16. Bruce McLaren was a New Zealander. Jack Brabham was (still is) an Australian. A formula one champion in a car he designed and a team with his name!!

  17. Great article, thanks for your efforts!

    One thing I noted, Bruce Mclaren was actually born and bred in New Zealand, not Australia as you mentioned.

    I grew up down the road from the primary school that was named after him in Henderson, Auckland, NZ.

    In any case, great stuff!


  18. Wow, i didn’t know all these.. Great info. :-D

  19. Also forgot Prost and Ligier.


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