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Top Ten Reasons Why Duran Duran Are Better Than Spandau Ballet

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There is no argument, Duran Duran are so much better, says lifelong new romantic Ewan Spence .

Now that Eighties legends Spandau Ballet have put aside court battles and are ready to reform and hit the road, it’s time to acknowledge once and for all why they were never as good as Duran Duran.

The Top Ten Reasons Duran Duran are better Than Spandau Ballet


10. They’re named after the big baddie in Barbarella, and any excuse to see Jane Fonda do that striptease works for us here.


9. They’re from Birmingham, just like Black Sabbath, Dexy’s Midnight Runners and Judas Priest.

8. The video for Wild Boys (a) nearly drowned Simon le Bon and (b) was directed by Russ Mulcahey, of Highlander fame. It cost over one million dollars to make in 1984


7. Duran Duran never disbanded, shouted at each other, and set the legal boys on each other.

6. They are one of a select few to sing a Bond theme (A View To A Kill).


5. They were one of the first bands to publish remixes and extended versions on 12inch 45rpm records for Club DJ’s.

4. Drew Barrymore has a crush on the entire band!


3. People who credit Duran Duran as one of their key influences include  Dido, Franz Ferdinand, The Lost Prophets (named after a Duran Duran bootleg tape for crying out loud), Goldfrapp, Lady GaGa and The Killers,

2. You can play a number of Duran Duran hits in Rock Band (where are Spandau, hehe!)

And the number one reason why Duran Duran are better than Spandau Ballet…

1. They just are.


You can find more out about the band and their upcomiing gig at Edinburgh Castle (okay 11 reasons!) at

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