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As ever, the British press and Internet companies were out in force covering unusual topics that they clearly made up to celebrate April Fools Day

1. We Start with a Mirror story, about Reebok’s new AF1 football range, that will put an end to arguments at kickabouts by using NASA (New Advanced Sports Aerodynamics) technology, the AF1 kit will prove once and for all whether a ball has hit jumper – or actually crossed the line.

Reebok’s Germany-based sports marketing executive April Fuhle said: “This technology, which has been in development for 10 years, will change the face of kickabouts all over the world.”

2. The DailyMail ran a story on a picture Jacqui Smith leaving an Ann Summers store - clearly not great timing nor that funny.

3. The Sun told of the 6 minute National Anthem of Ukraine – sung by folk star Furstov Aprylova.

4. The Guardian decided to opt for an article on how they are turning to witter to become the Worlds first twitter publisher – a joke now, but..

5. The Daily Express wrote about an invisible car that will avoid speed cameras.

6. The Telegraph told how harnessing the power of swimming fish could hold the key to generating electricity to power Britain’s homes in the future, Dr Andrea Pool, who heads up the Horizon Scanning team, said: “Initially we looked at working with sheep and cattle as well as fish”.

7. Tardis Twitter is peerfect for those looking to post scoops on the Twitter service. It allows you to retroactivly post stories with a tiemstamp older than when they were published, so it looks like your account published the news before news sites (such as twitter.com/thedailydust). Lets hope the BBC copyright lawyers don’t hear about the use of the Mk 40 travelling machine in the title!
Of course there are loads and loads more, if you see or hear of any, leave some comments and links below.

Biggest April fool joke of the day? Alan Shearer’s return to Newcastle..surely it is?


  1. I love the one about iPhones and iPods getting heavier depending on how much music you have on them – http://bit.ly/203DWN

  2. I quite liked this April Fool … or is it?!


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