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It’s going to be a long weekend for Lewis Hamilton after the fun of his disqualification, so we here at The Daily Dust have set up a nice playlist on his iPhone for the flight home.

(with thanks to for a classic picture of the Lying World Champion)

Every Looser Wins, by Nick Berry

Ex-Heartbeat Heart-throb sums up Jarno Trulli’s feelings as he regains third place. Although the lyrics are scarily accurate…

We nearly made,
We nearly found the perfect combination,
The road was right,
We must have read the signs wrong,
And now it’s all gone.

It Wasn’t Me, by Shaggy

Or at least that was what we all thought at first as Our Lewis took to the airwaves after the Grand Prix.

King of the Road, by Roger Miller

Sung here by The Proclaimers, see, the first person always gets forgotten.

Would I Lie To You, by Charles and Eddie

Or at least to the stewards. Looks like he did.

Kiss This Thing Goodbye, by Del Amitri

Six points, which could well be the only points McLaren get this year, have gone up in smoke.

It Ain’t Me Babe, by June Carter and Johnny Cash

“Tell us it ain’t true, Lewis!” Unfortunately it is. And no amount of wistful country music will bring it back

Road Rage, by Catatonia

What you need is feisty Welshman in your corner who’ll back you up the way. Or at least till you reach the Severn Bridge.

Funeral for a Friend, by Elton John

After thirty years at McLaren, including serving time as James Hunt’s mechanic, McLaren man Davey Ryan is already on that lonely flight back to Britain.

No More Lies by Iron Maiden

…which is what we’re hoping for during the rest of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

You Only Lie Twice, Nancy Sinatra

(I think that’s how it goes, but I’d need to read the transcription)

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