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Throughout movie history sizzling onscreen scenes have set cinema goers tongues wagging. Where once a kiss was thought to be the height of onscreen sexuality the last few years have seen movies and TV go further than ever before with scenes that will drive you wild with desire. We take a look at the 10 most memorable onscreen stripteases ever.

We’ve just found out that Ann Summers are offering the chance to win your own stripper. Now we’ve collected the 10 best onscreen stripteases for your viewing pleasure.

10. From Dusk Till Dawn – Selma Hayek

How cool is this striptease? Selma Hayek visits a vampire infested strip club and performs a dance with a snake. No reptiles were harmed in the making of this scene.

9. 9 and Half Weeks – Kim Basinger

The film that put Kim Basinger on the map. Her raunchy dance will be remembered by anyone who has ever seen it. You can tell how long ago as Mickey Roucke still looks pretty clean cut.

8. True Lies – Jamie Lee Curtis

The striptease from Jamie Lee Curtis was actually voted the “sexiest striptease” in movie by readers of current.com. Jamie Lee Curtis is married to Spinal Tap star Christopher Guest. He probably thinks this striptease goes all the way to 11.

7. Fish called Wanda – John Cleese

The former Monty Python star probably won’t get pulses racing as much as his onscreen co-star, Jamie Lee Curtis. His striptease might not be the most erotic ever and he probably wouldn’t win any prizes for his technique, but it certainly is memorable (if not necessarily for the right reasons…)

6. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Carlton

Everybody’s favourite 90’s nerd, Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gives the performance of his life when he performs his striptease. It’s just a shame for the ladies that his performance was stopped by his aunt of all people.

5. The Girl Next Door – Elisha Cuthbert

The Girl Next Door saw Elisha Cuthbert play an adult movie star. Her strip tease still causes a flurry of posts about how sexy she is years later.

4. Friends – Danny Devito

Danny DeVito is about as unlikely a striptease artist as you can get! His performance on Friends is something that you could never forget. Again, this isn’t technically the best striptease in the world, but Danny gets an “A” for effort.

3. Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is possibly the only cartoon character than ‘toons and humans will agree is charged with sex appeal. Although she doesn’t go very far in the strip tease, Snopes reports that there are unconfirmed reports that animators left in some more revealing frames to tease movie goers.

2. Closer – Natalie Portman

This steamy strip from Natalie Portman in Closer probably sent Clive Owen’s pulse soaring off the charts. Natalie Portman showed she could play more than a Queen in a sci-fi movie or an assassin in this movie.

1. Full Monty

Who could forget the Robert Carlyle and the rest of the Sheffield Steel workers as they performed a sell show? You can’t fault the effort these guys put in throughout the course of the film.

The Full Monty guys aren’t a patch on Roberto from Ann Summers, but hey – at least they gave it their best shot.

Have we left any other memorable stripteases off the list? Leave your comments below:


  1. lame. you forgot Demi Moore from Striptease and Jessica Alba in sin city

  2. Wow, Jamie Lee Curtis was looking REAL good back in the day wasnt she? Wow!


  3. For the love of God, her name is Salma. Salma Hayek. Selma is one of Marge Simpson’s sisters. Salma is an absolute goddess.

  4. Carlton was caught by his Mother and Sister ..not Aunt

  5. Adam: Jessica Alba’s scene wasn’t technically a striptease… though it was HOT.

    I love how writers feel compelled to make articles like these “politically correct” by peppering in comedic male stripteases. God forbid we do the logical thing and just make it all WOMEN like it probably was intended when it first spawned in the head of the writer. lol

  6. Salma Hayek / FDTD is the sexiest striptease ever filmed … and there isn’t even any nudity.

    Cheers to R&Q for making THAT happen 8)

  7. I’m glad that the film that kid took of the debacle in the fresh food section of the supermarket when that wasp flew down my trousers never made it onto YouTube – there would have been some stiff competition I can tell you …..

  8. Apparently they didn’t think hard enough to include Natalie Wood in Gypsy, nor Spohia Loren in Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, nor even Rita Hayworth and her single opera glove striptease in Gilda.


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