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Today is St George’s day and England should be awash with the St George cross flag, but did you know England is not the only country to celebrate it..


St George’s Day is celebrated throughout Lebanon, but especially in towns and villages where churches for St Georges have been erected.



La Diada de Sant Jordi is a Catalan holiday


St George is the patron saint of Aragon, where he is known as San Jorge.


Georgians call St. George’s day Giorgoba. It is celebrated every year on 23rd November.


Possibly the most celebrated name day in the country, St George’s Day (??????????, Gergyovden) is a public holiday that takes place on 6th May each year.


In Serbian St. George’s Day is called ?ur?evdan (Cyrillic: ?????????) and is celebrated on 6th May every year

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina St. George’s Day is also called ?ur?evdan.


Russian Orthodox Church celebrate on 6th May and December 9th.

Note 23rd April falls on May 6 on Gregorian Calendar.

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