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Sooty is not an Urban Legend

Everything you read on Twitter is true, and these urban legends prove it.

The UK’s twitter population are currently brightening up their morning by relaying some interesting Urban Legends on the micro-blogging service this morning. We’ve picked out ten of the best (as at Noon today).

Want to add your own, just tweet with #crapurbanlegends in the text and we’ll see it!

  • misteraxl: All roads lead to Romania.
  • andy_lamb: If you shout "Not a Lot" aggressively at @ThePaulDaniels he has to grant you 3 wishes.
  • SplashMan: If you start watching one of Gary Coopers best known movies at 10:35 am, it’ll finish at High Noon.
  • ewanspence: If there is a dead heat in a UK election candidates decide the winner by playing scissors-paper-stone.
  • mrsmulwray: Once: a wish, twice: a kiss, three times: a letter, four times: swine flu.
  • palmer_eldritch: Ants cannot see the colour red.
  • Mangowe: In 3 men & a baby if you u look carefully in apartment scene Steve Guttenberg does a bit of acting.
  • chris5156: London has an extensive network linking government buildings by telephone.
  • oho_noho: All dogs scratch at the same speed.
  • nickparsons101: 90% of human skin is actually made up of house dust.

And if you want some more of that, just do a quick search on Twitter for the Crap Urban Legends. You can also keep up with The Daily Dust on Twitter as well.

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  1. ther’re a bit lame actually dude .. Seen much better

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