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Most of us are enjoying a relaxing day off today but what are the defining events we can expect every Bank Holiday Monday?

Here is our short list of things we all come to expect on Bank Holidays:-

8.  Public Transport – Disruption

Bank Holidays mean engineering work, in order to keep the motorways busy, it is normal for all train lines decide to carry out work.

The journey between London and Lancaster, for example, will take at least four-and-a-half hours today, two hours longer than usual, and will involve up to three changes and one bus ride.

7. Escape To Victory or Battle of Britain

What better time to put on an old “classic”, normally start around 3pm, never interfere with evening TV. Play same film every year.

6. Rain

Normally us Brit’s are promised a sunny break between a week and two days before a bank holiday, this is to ensure *everyone* heads to the coast, yet we always see rain.  Lots.

5. Ice Cream on a wet and windy beach

Whatever the weather, we must have an icecream when by the sea, even if it the contents in the cone are warmer than that headwind.

4.  Fights outside bars

You can expect to see a fight or two with people spilling out of the bars after enjoying those 2-6pm happy hours.  Nothing on the scale of those 60′s Bank Holidays on Margate beach, battles between mods and rockers…another tradition lost..

3.  Traffic Jams

Due to the problems caused by number 8, the traffic jams are inevitable.  Everyone avoids the rush by leaving after breakfast, everyone..

2. Snooker Final on TV

Snooker has long been the main feature of the sporting day on a Bank Holiday, ever since that match with Dennis “upside down specs” Taylor and Steve Davies.

1.  Rain

Never enough of the bloody stuff.  So much so, we had to include it twice..

What did we miss?

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