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Your childhood is sacred, until it is mined for comedic effect!

Twitter is great at generating lots of useful information. Sometimes it might even be true. So what do the Tweet-meisters know about Kids TV? Let’s find out the top ten facts from the Twitter-sphere…

@PembsDave: Mr Benn was animated by the same company that now animates Mick Jagger

Scriblit: Peter Simon was always falling over on Double Dare as a result of terrible brain damage as a teenager

W8tty2009: Pigeon Street was in fact an avenue

balkanbeat: Zippy George and Bungle were all shaved and became Coldplay

@kiphakes: Matthew Corbett used to fist Sooty, Sweep and Su in nearly every episode.

ewanspence: Henry Winkler’s second Sesame Street episode was a failure. Millions of kids believe the alphabet goes “A, Aaaaayyyyy, C, D…”

rvdk: Although they looked similar, Bill was actually adopted.

@balkanbeat: Andy Peters now owns a Gay Bar Called ” Out of the Broom Closet

#kidstvfacts Dangermouse was originally voice by Al Pacino, but the directors couldn’t stop him from calling Penfold ‘you grey a**hole’.

Scriblit: Roger Hargreaves had no torso, just massive head with small arms & legs sprouting from it.

brumbino: Ivor the Engine was really blue, but he had to be repainted green due to Thomas the Tank Engine copyright issues

You can join in the madness with the hashtag #kidstvfacts.

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