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Only time can tell whether global financial meltdowns lead to an increase in UFO sightings, but as reported in the Dust previously, 2009 has been a record year for strange lights in the sky.

It all sounds rather too apocalyptic for me though, and like Nick Pope I’m inclined to run with the Chinese lantern theory. After all, what is astonishing about UFO hunters is their ability to dismiss rational explanations in favour of flying saucers before any conclusions have even been drawn.

When, for example, a blade falls off a wind turbine in Lincolnshire, it is down to alien sabotage until proven otherwise. Logical reasons such as corrosion or metal fatigue are unthinkable, and even when proven to be the case, there is still a hardcore enclave of conspiracy theorists that refuse to budge.

It is well known that governments, especially the US and Russia, have been testing exotic craft for years. And it’s telling that while UFOs have been reported all over the globe (and apparently stretching back centuries), there has been a significant spike since the advent of the Cold War.

Moreover, many of those sightings have been over the United States, the United Kingdom and Central/Eastern Europe – the latter most likely providing the main battle ground had the Cold War ever become hot. This all seems rather coincidental.

As for the fabled Area 51, its existence was finally confirmed officially thanks to Bill Clinton and its pedigree for testing tomorrow’s stealth planes is irrefutable. But there is absolutely no credible evidence whatsoever (and I apologise in advance if I’ve missed something), to suggest anything other than top secret military projects.

UFO enthusiasts traditionally flock en masse to Nevada due to the apparent abundance of extraterrestrial activity in the region. Can it be any coincidence that this is home of the Nevada Test Range and the aforementioned Area 51 (real name Groom Lake)?

Recent UFO sightings in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Merseyside could have similar explanations. RAF Waddington and Coningsby are both in Lincolnshire, one a front line fighter base and the other the home of AWACS, Britain’s main early warning aircraft. Cambridgeshire is home to a number of airbases, some of them American. Finally, Merseyside is not far down the coast from MoD Warton, home of BAe Systems.

And if Britain has an Area 51, Warton would be a main contender, especially the complex on the south-east side of the field. As well as speculation over Britain’s own stealth project, rumoured to be called HALO (High Altitude Low Observable), BAe Systems is leading the way on testing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

And these, I concede, could prove somewhat unnerving to shoppers should their unidentified forms happen to stray into the summer skies over Bethnal Green. But I’m not saying all these sightings are down to covert military aircraft projects. Some of them are without doubt Chinese lanterns.

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  1. UFOs are real, man.

  2. your name should be tom moron

  3. Cheers, Martin! Now I’m feeling nostalgic for junior school :)

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