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Marcus BB10

Things you never knew about the eyebrow wielding Marcus from this year’s Big Brother.

He’s started revolutions in the house, threatened to kill a man with his eyebrow (actually) and planned Kenny’s Great Escape. But do you know the truth behind Marcus? We here at the Dust know, and (with his permission) this is your indispensible guide to Marcus.

Marcus BB 10
Marcus won the best mullet in the world award, Billy Ray Cyrus got the booby prize, he called her Miley.

Marcus doesn’t chase after women or busses. He simply attracts them towards him through sheer animal magnetism… (Have you noticed that all compasses point toward the Big Brother house!)

Marcus can Karate-punch holes through the fabric of time and space. And he’s hung like a blue whale.

Some time ago Marcus visited the Virgin Islands…
They’re now just known as The Islands.

Marcus can kill two stones with one bird.

Marcus doesn’t wash – he gives the water a treat by allowing it to caress his manly form.

Cillit Bang is produced exclusively in Marcus’ bladder.

There’s no such thing as evolution, just a list of things Marcus has allowed to live.

Marcus is Mr. Miyagis go to guy for karate advice

and finally…

Marcus calls Big Brother to the Diary Room.

Marcus Diary Room

With thanks to the DS:BB Forum.


  1. Is it just me or does he look like a poor man’s Wolverine! :lol:

  2. Not only is he ripping off Chuck Norris’ reputation, he’s using Hugh Jackman’s facial.

    I resent this was featured here.

    …alright, just envious. (giggle snort)

  3. WTF thought would be a good page exposing the bullshit he comes out with.


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