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We all love a good box set and we here at the Daily Dust think it’s time for a trip down trilogy lane and remember some of the best box sets to grace our shelves.

10. Blade

The role that Wesley Snipes is probably most known for and the films that put vampires back on the radar has everything a trilogy needs. For a start the films are based on a Marvel Comic book series (which is always a good place to come from) making the story the main driving force behind the trilogy, arcing nicely over the three films……Good action sequences, lots of stylised fighting and enough blood to make you wince and be a bit scared, but not too much that you feel queasy. Plus…..vampires are cool. FACT.

9. Spiderman

…and we all know, thanks to Peter Parker’s Grandpa that… ‘with great power comes great responsibilty’. Stan Lee’s brain child and Marvel’s cashcow finally got the CGI that it needed bringing Spiderman back to life for a 21st Century audience. These films didn’t change the World, but they brought a smile to those of us who grew up with the comics and got our spidey senses tingling again.

8. Back To The Future

There couldn’t be a top ten trilogy list without this. Apart from being embedded in the memory of anyone who grew up in the 80′s it stands up to the test of time by still being on Christmas lists today. The trilogy immortalised Michael J. Fox, increased sales of DeLoreans and made us all believe that time travel was possible. (Hands up who runied their Dad’s Ford Capri by stuffing banana skins into the petrol tank and then wondered why, when it reached 88 miles per hour on the M6, it blew up rather than transporting you to the Wild Wild West. Nobody??…..Just me then.) McFly!!!!

7. Matrix

In 1999, the Wachowski brothers changed our perception of the World (and Keanu Reeves) forever with the film that would set the prescedent for all subsequent sci-fi films. So what is the Matrix? Well, in the eternal words of Morpheus, ‘Unfortunately no-one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.’ Or just buy the boxset.

6. Star Wars

‘In a galaxy far far away………..’ (really this part of the article should be scrolling slowly upwards with the John Williams score playing in the background……we can just pretend though) A tricky one, as there are technically two trilogies here, but which one do you think deserves a place on the Daily Dust top ten list? Here’s a clue…this one doesn’t have Ja Ja Binks. Among a million other things these films gave us Harrison Ford, who was ‘discovered’ on set, so for that alone George Lucas gets a thumbs up. If a trilogy’s success was measured on gross profit then there would be no contest, if it’s success was measured by how well constructed the trilogy was as a whole then again here’s the winner and if a trilogy’s success was measured by how many fans it spawned then Star Wars would win again. It cannot lose. Whether you love or hate this franchise, there is no denying the influence that it has had on our culture, and influence is a powerful thing.

5. The Bourne Trilogy

This is James Bond for a whole new generation. We follow the plight of a government assassin while he shoots, fights, barters, tricks and sleeps his way around Europe in an attempt to evade capture and stay alive long enough to shake off amnesia and remember who he is. The films are edgy and the story is subtle, making it a nice contrast to the usual explosion-filled action/adventure……oh and Matt Damon actually manages to act convincingly for once. It’s an all round win.

4. Beverly Hills Cop

Do Do DoDoDoDoDo Do Do DoDoDoDoDo Do Do Do Do DoDoDo Do Doooooooo This theme tune, once adopted by the Crazy Frog ring tone phenomenon, is the first thing that your brain grabs hold of when Beverly Hills Cop is mentioned (and now you’ve heard it again you won’t be able to stop humming it all day). Starring Eddie Murphy (and his laugh) the adventures of street-savvy Detroit cop, Axel Foley, are hard to forget, like the theme tune.

3. Lord of the Rings

Look up ‘epic’ in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of this box set. Directed by Peter Jackson and based on the books by J.R.R. Tolkien this trilogy isn’t even really a trilogy. It’s just one seemingly endless film that had to be split into three because there hasn’t been a DVD invented yet that could hold it all on one disc! Tolkien’s mythological World is so complex that Jackson could have made twenty films and still not covered everything, however what he did poduce will go down in cinematic history as the ultimate fantasy/adventure trilogy and with Guillermo del Toro at the helm for the prequel, The Hobbit, this particular franchise can only go one way. (that’s up).

2. Evil Dead

Ok, so we’ve already established that zombies are cool, but who made them cool?……. Sam Raimi made them cool when he unleashed this trilogy upon the World, stamped with his legendary dark humour and gruesome effects. Bruce Campbell, (a favourite of Sam Raimi’s, as he cameos in many of his subsequent films) plays Ash, the unfortunate hero, destined to be endlessly pursued by undead hoards, across time and space. As our one last hope against the forces of evil, after three films worth of fending off the evil dead with…..well pretty much anything that comes to hand (memorably a chainsaw), all he has to do is remember three words. Now in the case of something similar actually happening in real life (you never know) we feel it is our duty to tell you these words….just in case. ‘Klaatu Barradda Nikto’………memorise them. You may be asked to save the World one day.

Daily Dust Fact: Ash’s car in Evil Dead is seen in every single one of Sam Raimi’s films (including Spiderman above and his most recent, film ‘Drag Me To Hell’). A 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 (see pic below)

1. The Godfather

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola this 1970′s trilogy is a veritable ‘who’s who’ of the movie mafia world, with the cast list including heavyweights such as, Al Pacino,Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall, Marlon Brando and James Caan. Delving into the dirty underground world of the American mafioso the films gave us iconic images (such as the famous severed horse head left in the bed) aswell as successfully pigeonholing most of the actors for the rest of their careers. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If the hat fits……..

The trilogies listed above have somehow managed to remain intact and unsullied by the film industry’s pathological urge to push successful franchises too far by tacking on sequel after sequel. Three is a magical number, and trilogies are perfect little packages of film that once completed, need locking away in a cupboard, never to be tampered with again (with the exception, maybe, of the Police Academy series, which I believe reached number 743 and continued to improve with each new installment).

In memory to those that didn’t make it onto the list due to additional films rendering them a ‘series’ rather than a ‘trilogy’, here’s a mini list of those that should be here:

The Alien Series

It is a crying shame that this is no longer a trilogy, however it has happened now and there’s nothing we can do about it (short of borrowing that DeLorean and taking it for a test drive). But fear not, we shall learn to love it as a series, especially as Ridley Scott is back in the driving seat for the fifth film. All is not lost people, there is hope yet for the wounded box set.

The Die Hard Films

One word…………….Yippeekayay!!!!!!!!!!! The plot is irrelevant. If you don’t recognise this word and then instantly associate it with the ultimate action films (and Bruce Willis being all cool) then there’s no hope for Mankind.

The Terminator Series

Killer robots sent back in time to eliminate future threats to their existence and subsequently their bid to take over the planet. How could you possibly go wrong with a tag line like that?! However, any story that deals in time travel is doomed to be left eternally open ended and vulnerable to sequels. But we can’t complain really, we were warned in the first one by Arnie himself when he uttered those famous words, ‘I’ll be back’…… We just didn’t realise how often that would be.

Indiana Jones ( and the w, x, y, z )

Although the recent addition to this cult classic wasn’t a complete disaster, it was essentially just an homage to the original films and with Crystal Skull being released so much later I think it’s a possibilty that the original trilogy was a safe enough distance from the blast to be unaffected by the fallout.


  1. Um, I sure hope Benicio del Toro stays out of the directors chair for the Hobbit, or else GUILLERMO del Toro will have to kick him out.

  2. Good list, though the BOURNE trilogy over “Star Wars?” C’mon.

    Also, Harrison Ford was not discovered on the set of SW. He had previously appeared in a little arthouse film George Lucas also directed called “American Graffitti.” Perhaps you’re referring to Ford’s previous career as a carpenter, though from what I know, he never plied his skills on a movie set, only houses and a recording studio for Sergio Mendes.

  3. This is quite possibly the greatest list that has ever been compiled ever. Frankly, I’m surprised the greatness of the article did not crash the internet. My only question to you, Laura Craig, is who compiled such a triumphant triloloigical top ten? You alone??

  4. good list, but I would take blade and switch to resident evil. and Beverly hill cops and make it underworlds. Pirates should be on there as well. Dont forget xmen!!


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