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London Underground Anagram

Can you puzzle out the Top Ten jumbled stations on the London Underground Anagram Map?

We’ve spent the last few days here at Dust Towers pouring over a great version of the London Underground map where the stations are all in the same place, yet the names have been anagrammed up with a witty eye and a very big dictionary.

So can you spot our favourite jumbled stations?

1. Crux for Disco

2. Anger Perk

3. No Suet

4. A Retard Cottonmouth

5. Sap Lust

6. Mind Eel

7. Labrador Chokes

8. Concerning Torments

9. Oracle Rust

10. Trivia Co.

Highlight the text here if you want the answers!

Oxford Circus, Green Park, Euston, Tottenham Court Road, St Pauls, Mile End, Blackhorse Road, Mornington Crescent, Earls Court and Victoria.

And if you’re hankering after the full map, you can download the ultimate London Underground map from maproom.co.uk.

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