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Long agreed to be one of rock’s most influential albums, the Pink Floyd masterpiece ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ has now been voted as the greatest album of all time, by listeners of one radio station.

Planet Rock, the UK’s Classic Rock station, asked listeners to vote for the greatest album, and yesterday the station revealed the Top 40, with Floyd beating Led Zeppelin to the top spot.

In fact, the results of the vote are testament to Pink Floyd’s importance to rock music, as two more of their albums – ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘The Wall’ – also made the top 10.

Led Zeppelin also made three appearances in the top 10 with ‘II’, ‘IV’ and ‘Physical Graffiti’, while two more of their records – ‘I’ and ‘III’ – featured in the top 40, meaning they appeared in the list more than any other band. Black Sabbath were second with four albums making it, with Pink Floyd and Deep Purple sharing third spot with three each.

The list was dominated by British bands, with 27 of the top 40 albums comings from homegrown talent. The award for the highest charting foreign bands was shared by AC/DC, Metallica and Rush with two each.

Here’s the top 10 from Planet Rock’s list, to see the full 40 click on the link at the bottom of this article.

1. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

2. Led Zeppelin – IV

3. AC/DC – Back in Black

4. Led Zeppelin – II

5. Guns N Roses – Appetite for Destruction

6. Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti

7. Pink Floyd – The Wall

8. Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

9. Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell

10. The Who Who’s Next

Full list: Planet Rock

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  1. And so it should be, Dark Side is a truly awesome album, right I’m off to listen to it now….


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