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With genius chef Keith Floyd heading upstairs to organise the reception party for Patrick Swayze, we at The Dust are going to miss the maverick celeb chef. Here’s why.

There are hundreds of moments captured on film of The Floyd’ster, but here’s just a small smattering of the sizzle that helped a nation fall in love with the travelling cook.

The French lady that didn’t like it

There’s always one, and it’s the nightmare of TV reality shows that the punter looks on with horror – but this is more than a look, it’s a full dressing down.

Promoting Kiwi Fruit

Nothing wrong with selling out and some advertising, especially if your tongue is deep in your cheek.

Veggie sausages cooked in bacon


Just perfect… I must try this at the next family get together and not tell anyone.

Portugese Man of War Dish

The BBC vs the Royal Navy? The BBC won, so Floyd decided to make it up for the troops with the sort of ingredients that would make the military rat packs potentially palatable – even without the trademark rum!

With Marco Pierre White

Floyd was always happy to share the screen with a smash of styles from other chefs, and this is just typical of his open style, with award winning chef Marco Pierre White.

What he did best, cooking with a hangover, the worlds best fish stew

This is what you’ve been waiting for. Hangover (sorry, BBC regulations mean he calls it “a terrible mess”) plus Floyd with a splash of wine…


Update: Thanks to Brian Kevlin who pointed out Keith Floyd’sold blog, that ran for 7 months back in 2006/2007 – a little hidden treasure on the web, even more poigniant today keithfloyduncorked.blogspot.com

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