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Babs and Ringo

It’s the anniversary of the release of the world record beating Hey Jude, and we ask what did Ringo do?

Released 41 years ago, Hey Jude is probably one of the greatest songs of all time, and it’s always great to hear it again. What I never knew before was that it held the world record for the most number of “nahs” in a song – some of them were even written by Ringo Starr!

Not withstanding the fact that Ringo Starr “wasn’t even the best drummer in The Beatles” his style has been an inspiration for many drummers around the world and he’s incredibly underrated. Phil Collins says so. But we wondered, in jest this morning, what Ringo’s rejected Beatles song titles would have been?

Hey Mr Tambourine Man On Love Me Do
Ringo famously wasn’t on the drums for this song, but did grab aforesaid instrument.

All You Need Is Love (of a Bond girl)
That would be Mrs Richard Starkey, or Barbara Bach from The Spy Who Loved Me.

The Ballad of Thomas and The Fat Controller
An early narration for Rev W. Awdry

Let It Be Stig
The Rutles drummer, a spoof on Ringo, was called Stig.

Ringo and Son
Zak Starkey, his son, was kinda a member of Oasis as their drummer.

It’s Okay, Yoko’s Gone, You Can Come Down From The Ceiling.
How could we forget Bill Hick’s Ringo speech which this is from?

But here’s a little bit of Hey Jude to finish off. And you know how the drums start quite late into the song? That’s because Ringo had nipped to the loo as the recording started and nobody noticed… yet he made it back in time, slid into place, and never missed a beat.

Ringo Starr… the star’s star.

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