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With the new cast shortly arriving at the London Stage show, we thought we’d put together our list of favorites from both the film and stage

10. June Brown.  Stage Show.  Brown, 82, is more famous for playing Dot Cotton (now Branning) in EastEnders since 1985.  The oldest of those in the show so far.


9. Julie Goodyear. Stage Show.  Julie, 67, wobbled on the cobbles as Bet Lynch on Corrie for over 25 years before departing in 1995.


8. Lynda Bellingham. Stage.  Bellingham, 61, famously played the Mum during the 80′s and 90′s in OXO adverts.


7. Janie Dee. Stage.  Dee, 43, is an award winning actress, including many Shakespeare roles.


6. Gaynor Faye. Stage. Faye, 38, played Judy Mallet in Coronation Street and various TV dramas since.


5. Jerry Hall. Stage.  Hall, 53, was married to Mick Jagger and has four children with him.


4. Jill Halfpenny. Stage. Halfpenny, 34, famous from her role in Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing


3. Gemma Atkinson.  Stage. Atkinson, 24, is best known for glamour modeling.


2. Kelly Brook. Stage.  Brook, 29, is famous for being a TV presenter, actress and a model.


1. Helen Mirren. Film. Mirren, 64, famous actress having won an Oscar, Bafta’s and starred in many box office hits.


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