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It’s one TV show opening up another TV show!

The opening music to your favourite TV show is always enough to stir the memories, but the internet has a habit of tweaking those thoughts very slightly.

In the words of Humphrey Lyttleton, what happens when you take one tune, and graft it over another turn, or in this case a TV show…

That’s right “One TV Show To The Tune Of Another!” Here are some of the best!

10. Dallas / Star Wars

Eighties shoulder pads not on show, but plenty character defining moments – and we’ll see those a few more times as we go through the list.


9. Groundhog Day / MacGyver

Given it’s the same in every episode, this is a rather fitting reworking of a great comedy classic… and Groundhog Day.


8. Different Strokes / The Dorm That Dripped Blood

Take one creepy B-movie horror flick, and change nothing about the music. Now add this to the happy go lucky visuals from Different Strokes opening… Hitchcock would have been proud.


7. Airworlf / Darth Vader and the Empire

Here’s the one that started it off in the office, with a Twitter comment of “this is what the internet was made for!”


6. Battlestar Galactica / Star Trek Deep Space Nine

There is a common connection already in writer Ron D Moore, but this makes the dark turn that DS9 took even more apparent.


5. The A-Team / Star Trek

Cheese meets cheese in the best bit of action since the Mozarella Feast at your local pizza emporium. Gotta love a bit of the Shatner at any point in your life!


4. Magnum / Han Solo

Just sheer class, with everyone’s favourite bounty hunter, who we know fired first.

3. Battlestar Galactica / Battlestar Galactica

Okay, so one show to the tune of another show, that’s actually the same show, but with a different story to tell that everyone finally realised was the same story as the first show. Capiche?

2. The Muppet Show / Electric Six’s Gay Bar

I know the second tune isn’t a TV show, but honestly I can’t watch Henson again without this going through my head. It puts a new light on the Swedish Chef, I tell you.


1. The Flumps / Rainbow

And finally, just a bit of fun in the studio with your childhood heroes from the UK


  1. These videos are excellent. It makes you wish that more “grounded” shows like these still were on TV today. It just seems like everything is over sexed, over violent, or under written. Thank God for Netflix.

  2. I threw this one together last summer:

    Tron as an 80s montage (using music from Real Genius)

  3. check this mashup as well..a little more loaded :P


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